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How much patience will the Europeans have to support Ukraine?

In the fourth month of the war in Ukraine, Europeans mainly support Kiev, but differ on how long the conflict will last.

In the fourth month of the war in Ukraine, Europeans mainly support Kiev, but differ on how long the conflict will last.

This is stated in a survey report released by the European Council on Foreign Relations on June 15.

A survey of 10 European countries showed that people’s attitudes to the conflict, or rather public opinion, can change due to the effects of the war, especially inflation and rising prices.

The report says that about a third of those polled want the war to end as soon as possible, even at the expense of Ukraine’s territorial concessions.

However, 22 percent of respondents believe that the war should continue until Russia is punished and Ukraine’s territorial integrity is restored.

About one-fifth of those polled said they could not say for sure.

Many say Russia is responsible

However, there is no disagreement among respondents as to who is responsible for this war.

73% of respondents blame Russia for the war, while 54% believe that Russia is the biggest obstacle to peace, not the European Union, the United States and Ukraine.

The survey was conducted online from late April to mid-May among 8,172 people in 10 European countries, including Germany, Romania and Sweden.

The Washington Post reports that the authors of the report – Ivan Krastev and Mark LeonardAccording to him, public opinion may influence European policy in Ukraine.

The report says:

“The results show that public opinion in Europe is changing, and that difficult days are still ahead. Europeans are also worried about a possible nuclear escalation. “If the feeling that sanctions against Russia do not work is growing, then the gap between those who want the war to end soon and Russia’s defeat may increase.”

The impact of sanctions against Putin

When Russia started the war against Ukraine, economies were just recovering from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

The European Union (EU) has tightened sanctions on Russia amid growing reports of alleged war crimes in Ukraine.

The escalation of the conflict with the fighting for the Donbas in eastern Ukraine raises certain questions.

Continued rise in energy and food prices could affect countries’ political will to continue supporting Ukraine.


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