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Ali Aliyev’s detention term has been extended

The arrest term of Ali Aliyev, the arrested chairman of the Citizen and Development Party (VIP), has been extended for another six months. On June 23, the Yasamal District Court issued a new verdict against Ramiz Goyushov, former chairman of the Binagadi district branch of the New Azerbaijan Party (NAP).
According to the verdict, the party chairman was found guilty under Article 148 (insult) of the Criminal Code and sentenced to 6 months in prison. This was combined with a previous sentence of six months. Thus, Aliyev was sentenced to one year in prison. The beginning of this sentence is calculated from the date of arrest of the VIP chairman – January 13, 2022.
Speaking before the verdict, the party chairman said he was innocent and did not insult Goyushov. According to him, what happened is the result of a political order: “This is a continuation of the persecution against me. Look at the day they are using the person they expelled from the YAP for immorality against a political opponent. ”
Goyushov claims that after the video about him was spread on social networks, the VIP chairman used the term “masturbant” and insulted him while talking about him on one of the Internet TV channels. Aliyev says the term is a medical term.
Special prosecutor Goyushov himself did not attend the trial. His representative demanded that the party chairman be sentenced to six months in prison.
The judge also announced the verdict after a brief hearing.
VIP deputy chairman Javad Javadov told RFE / RL that an appeal would be lodged against the verdict: “First of all, the accusation is completely unfounded. Second, even if Ali Aliyev’s actions contained the crime of insult, he was under the influence of the Amnesty Act issued on November 8. The court did not do that either. “
In September 2021, Goyushov was expelled from the YAP after footage of his private life was leaked.
Ali Aliyev was sentenced to five months in prison by the Yasamal District Court on January 13 on a lawsuit filed by Colonel Emil Jafarov of the State Border Service (SBS). He was accused of slandering the SBS colonel.
Jafarov is one of two servicemen who survived a helicopter crash on November 30. In April, on the basis of the same claim of the second serviceman Ramin Jabrailov, the sentence of the party chairman was increased to 6 months.
However, Aliyev pleads not guilty and considers his arrest a political order and a continuation of pressure on him. He told the court that he had been warned in advance that he would be arrested if he did not remain silent. He reiterated in court that he did not believe those people were in the helicopter at the time of the crash. I did not name those people in my speech. They were told that they had done it. They are just a tool. This case is a continuation of the pressure on me so far. ”

Ali Aliyev was arrested for a helicopter crash


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