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The term of imprisonment of the party chairman was extended to 1 year

On June 23, the Yasamal District Court sentenced Ali Aliyev, chairman of the Citizen and Development Party. Taking into account the appeal of Ramiz Goyushov, a former member of the New Azerbaijan Party, the court found the politician guilty of insult and sentenced him to six months in prison. Taking into account the previous two verdicts, Ali Aliyev’s total term of imprisonment was set at one year.

On November 30, 2021, a military helicopter of the State Border Service crashed in the Khizi region, killing 14 people, injuring Lieutenant-Colonel Emil Jafarov and Captain Ramin Adilov. In an online interview, Ali Aliyev claimed that Emil Jafarov and Ramin Adilov were not in the crashed helicopter. The military has filed a lawsuit against the lawsuit, calling it an insult to their honor and dignity. The Yasamal District Court was asked to bring the politician to justice for defamation (dissemination of information that tarnishes the honor and dignity of any person, knowing that it is a lie).

Ali Aliyev was sentenced to 5 months in prison by the Yasamal District Court on January 13, 2022. The verdict was issued on the basis of Emil Jafarov’s complaint. The politician has been detained in the Baku Remand Prison since that day.

On April 15, the Yasamal District Court ended the trial on Ramin Adilov’s appeal. The politician was sentenced to six months in prison, taking into account the previous verdict.

The Citizen and Development Party was registered in 2007.

Ali Aliyev, born in 1967, is a candidate of biological sciences. He has been engaged in political activities since 1989. He was a member of the Popular Front of Azerbaijan and one of the leaders of the National Independence Party of Azerbaijan.


Azerbaijan news

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