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Elchin Alibeyli’s words cost Space dearly

A meeting of the Audiovisual Council was held on June 24.

At the meeting, in the program “Elin Sozu” aired on “Space” TV broadcaster on June 21, 2022 from 22:30 to 23:40, Article 14.1.4 of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On Media” (race, religion, origin, sex, violation of the requirements of Articles 14.1.12 (promotion of ethnic and other discrimination) and parapsychology (extrasensory, medium, etc.), superstition or other superstitions).

Thus, during the broadcast of the above-mentioned program, the leading (Elchin Alibeyli-ed.) by “We should not be in the minds of Hindus. We must be in a slightly developed state. ” Such statements or opinions about ethnic groups that do not live in Azerbaijan, even unknowingly or without a specific purpose, are unethical and can lead to the spread of xenophobia and national or racial prejudice in some audiences.

At the same time, the Council noted the fact that psychics, parapsychologists and other persons engaged in suspicious activities were allowed to promote their activities on television, which is a violation of the relevant provisions of the new Law on Media.

Following the discussions, the members of the Council warned that this would be the first case on the air of a Space TV broadcaster and that serious administrative sanctions would be imposed on the Space TV broadcaster if this happened again, given the long-term journalistic activity and experience of the presenter. decided to do. (Qafqazinfo)


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