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“Crazy loves red” – Which sign does not like this color? |

24 hours presents horoscopes with reference to our media.


Red is the most ideal color for ambitious and determined rams. In particular, light shades of red are more suitable for the character of Aries.


Green represents self-confidence, nature and money for Taurus. For calm and patient bulls, green symbolizes comfort.


For active and energetic twins, yellow is a symbol of the sun, that is, energy.


Calm, sensual Cancers are more attracted to white color. Because it characterizes the sincerity and purity that white crabs are looking for.


The favorite color of proud and self-confident lions is orange. The representatives of this zodiac under the influence of the sun draw attention to themselves with orange color.


Brown, the color of the earth, represents girls who are intelligent and practical.


Pink is the color that symbolizes the comfort and calmness of precise, determined scales.


As suspicious as they are cold-blooded, scorpions’ favorite color is black.


Purple symbolizes archers. because free spirited and lucky sagittarius find their character in purple.


Gray color suits the character of self-confident, strong and simple Capricorns.


Blue color is ideal for creative, friendly Aquarius. The different tones of the sky represent their attachment to the sea.


Blue is the most suitable color for emotional, caring and romantic fish.

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Azerbaijan news

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