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People who took bribes related to construction were arrested

Posted: June 30, 2022 11:07 p.m

About two people imprisonment it is reported that a preventive measure has been chosen

For the purpose of permission to carry out construction works a bribe officials received imprisonment was done.

The General Prosecutor’s Office released information about this.

It is reported that Sabirabad District Execution Mushvig, Head of the Architecture and Construction Department of the Office of the Head of Power Farewell to them due to the illegal actions of his son Gasimov news entered:

“As a result of urgent operational search measures carried out on the basis of that information Prosecutor General in the General Office of the Fight against Corruption A crime With the relevant articles of the Code crime the work has started”.

“It turned out that Mushvig Gasimov MFAEldar Guliyev, the chief adviser of the State Construction Inspectorate for State Important Objects of the State Agency for Control of Safety in Construction, and other persons, gave permission to carry out construction works in a non-residential facility located in the territory of Sabirabad district. A large amount from the citizen who applied to them for assistance in issuing the architect’s opinion and other acts necessary for this a bribe they bought,” the statement emphasizes.

The prosecutor’s office said that based on the collected evidence, Mushvig Gasimov and Eldar Guliyeva A crime 311.3.1 and 311.3.3 of the Code (a bribe alma- when committed in large quantities by a group of people who conspired in advance) imprisonment preventive measure was chosen.

Currently, it is reported that the investigation is being continued in order to fully identify the circle of guilty persons in the criminal case and bring them to justice.

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