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The official is accused of destroying greenery

Posted: June 30, 2022 2:06 p.m

A group of residents of Ibrahim Pasha Dadashov Street, Binagadi district, destroyed the greenery in the area protest they do. According to residents, the area has been privatized and 20203 sot of land was transferred to the name of Aida Allahverdiyava. She is the sister of Nizami Maharramov, who works as a deputy technical director at Azerishik OJSC. Residents say that the property owner wants to cut the trees and build a cafe here. The State Department of Urban Planning and Architecture did not allow construction in this area.

Residents say that property owners brought 4 trucks of earth to the area so that they would not be fined for cutting trees. The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources took a sample from that land and it was found that it was oil-contaminated land.

While in the area Baku City Execution Employees of the Greening Farm Union of the Authority came to the address and inspected.

Nizami Maharramov, deputy technical director of Azerishik OJSC mentioned in the matter, says that he has nothing to do with this case. He says that Valeh Mutallimov, his sister’s friend, bought the land in the name of his wife. The deputy director says that it is not them, but the inhabitants who have polluted the green areas with oily soil, and the reason is blackmail from them way indicates a request for money with:

A resident on the charge Elchin Huseynov states that he never met Nizami Maharramov and never asked him for money. He questions why the deputy director did not contact the police if this happened. The deputy director says that blackmail way property owner related to demanding money with Elchin to the law enforcement agencies regarding Huseynov complaint sent.

Nizami Maharramov says that construction will be carried out in the area if the government agencies give permission. There is no construction yet.

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