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The trial of the person accused of killing a mother and her two children has started


Ahad Aliyev is accused of killing his sister-in-law and her two young children

Regarding the murder of a 39-year-old mother and her two children aged 14 and 11 in Baku court investigations have begun.

To work Baku It is being tried in the Court of Serious Crimes.

As the accused court Ahad Aliyev, the husband of the murdered Gulnar Karakhanova’s sister, was brought before him.

On June 30 judge Monk A preparatory meeting of the court was held under the chairmanship of Salmanov.

Judge asked the accused that the person sent for him to pretrial detention center No. 3 in Shuvelan court did you get the notification?

He replied that he received the document three days ago.

Judge said that the preparatory meeting of the court should be held at least 7 days after receiving the notification. For this reason, the trial was postponed.

Ahad Aliyev, born in 1981, a resident of Sabirabad, previously worked as a teacher and then as a school director in Saatli district for 7 years.

He is accused of murdering his sister-in-law, as well as her 14-year-old daughter Lamiya and 11-year-old son Ataxan Karakhanli for greed.

It is claimed that Ahad Aliyev found out that this family wants to buy a house and that there is 25 thousand manats in the house.

He came to the apartment rented by Gulnar Garakhanova and his family in Baku. First, he stabbed his sister-in-law to death. He also killed the children because they witnessed the incident. He took the money at home.

Fasahat Garakhanov, the wife of Gulnar Garakhanova, the father of the children, attended the court as the legal heir of the victim.

Fasahat Garakhanov, who is engaged in international cargo transportation, drives trucks. The day of the event – 20 in February 2022, he was not at home, he went to Russia for work.

The Karakhanov family was renting an apartment in the Nizami district of Baku where the incident took place. They kept the money at home to buy a house.

Fasahat Garakhanov says that Ahad Aliyev is like that crime He did not believe that he had committed it.

According to him, after the incident, the initial assumption of law enforcement officers was that it was a person or persons who knew the family who killed the mother and her children.

The victim said that he did not accept this version at that time. He excluded close people from committing such an act: “I would never believe such a thing about this person. Because the teacher school was the director, he went back and forth to Karbala…”.

The victim added that Ahad Aliyev’s wife left him some time ago because of his lies.

Ahad Aliyev pleaded guilty in his statement to the investigation.

He is accused of murdering two or more people out of greed.

In the articles against which he was charged 20 up to or for life imprisonment punishment is provided.

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