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Or NGO “Karabakh Trouble…” of the Agency

NGO The Council, sorry, continues to surprise the Agency. It is good if the problem of Karabakh does not come to the end of this organization. A few years ago NGO I wrote about the projects carried out by the Council related to Karabakh at home and abroad (“Karabakh truths: delivery… is paid”).

At that time, the lands were still under occupation, and the NGO Council consistently allocated grants to various organizations to “communicate the truths of Karabakh to the world community”, and they also implemented their projects, mainly in Turkey. It was not a small amount. It is true that the truth of Karabakh has not yet reached the world news there is not, but the situation has changed, now we have a part of Karabakh. Moreover, our government has declared 2022 as the “Year of Glass”. The NGO Agency also insists on conveying the truth of Karabakh to the world, it seems that it was not able to convey it in previous projects…

Actually, we have 2020“Year of glass” since the end of the year. President Ilham Aliyev put aside the problems of the country and focused all his attention on Shusha. 2020since November Ilham Aliyev He went to Shusha 11 times. If the president is looking there, then everyone should be aligned in that direction.

Justice Valiyev political he loads party leaders on a bus and takes them there. Mr. Ahmed’s editors, Mr. Azay’s NGO leaders – in short, responsible persons in various institutions – take the people of their respective fields to Shusha from time to time.

One of them cheated the scientists and took their money under the name of taking them to Shusha. After the president’s qibla is there, what should others do?!

Here are the lines from the famous poem:

I look at Lenin’s books
To keep up with the pack.

In order not to be left behind, the NGO Council announced the “2022 “Year of Glass” special grant competition.” Acceptance of documents for participation in the competition began on April 7. The announcement stated that the competition will be held in 4 stages. Document reception 7-27 Aprilexpertise of projects 28 April20 May, announcement of results May 25, signing of grant agreement with winning organizations 10 should be completed by June.

Apparently, the rules of the competition were not followed right from the beginning. The results were announced on June 28, 33 days after they were promised. It is reported in the news that 227 projects were submitted to the competition in 8 directions, but only 22 of them won. It is expected to be an interesting competition. For example, former Minister of Finance Fikret Yusifov is very successfully trying himself in the NGO sector. Contribution to the “Year of Glass”. USAand in Austria, if it is accepted… Don’t be kidding, it is not easy to hold a series of events abroad, in distant America, on the other side of the ocean, and in Europe with 33 thousand manats (about 20 thousand dollars). But the former chief financier has it all figured out…

Parliament Ziyad Samadzade, an old member, is one of the leaders of the organization who put his chest forward. He also intends to hold a series of events in Shusha, or rather, conduct research. He said, “The demographics of Shusha region, social-economic development situation and prospects” will conduct research with the project.

Frankly, the 82-year-old academician as well of the deputy We can’t help but applaud this brave step. There is just one problem: most of Shusha’s villages are still under occupation, which means they don’t let us in, and it seems difficult for us to conduct research in places we can’t go. Moreover, they don’t even put the people from Shusha there, Mayor Holiday Safarov was still staring at Shusha. How will demographic research be conducted in a place where people do not live? social– how will the economic situation be studied?

I think that the NGO Council would not have known this either, they will finance reasonable projects. The selection of 22 projects out of 227 shows this. However, we strongly believe that the academician took this step thoughtfully. The desire to personally contribute to this work is obvious, because for several years his organization (Azerbaijan Union of Economists) was headed by his daughter Ayten Samadzade. Apparently, he did not make any concessions to his daughter due to the “Year of Shusha”…

The website of teacher Ziyad’s organization contradicts our assumptions. Last on the website of this organization, which receives a grant from the NGO Council every year news Posted on July 16, 2020. Shushan’s occupation free There is no news of it being done on this site…

The last post in the “Actual problems in articles” section of the site 2018was established in July. On the site, the section “Main activity of AIU” is empty, there can be two reasons for this: either there is no activity at all, or it is so busy that they cannot deliver and place it on the site…

In addition, how will Nurka Mubariz gizi Ahmadova organize summer schools and camps in Shusha? Who will Rasul Jafarov implement the “Shusha Human Rights Initiative” project (26,000 AZN) in a city where no one lives (we are talking about the local population)?

Azerbaijan Wikipedia Volunteers (20,000 AZN) will place the articles on 270 topics that Shusha will write about the 270th anniversary of “Wikipedia”?!

AzTVHow will Lala Azertash, the host of one of them, get to know Shusha with the “Let’s get to know Shusha, let’s get to know her” project (26,500 AZN) and to whom will she introduce her?!

There are many questions about each of the 22 projects. Couldn’t 513 thousand 170 manats be spent on better, efficient works that serve the return of refugees to their homes?

Who knows, maybe among the 205 projects that did not win, there were many ideas that would not raise questions…

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