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A landslide occurred in Turkey, an Azerbaijani driver was killed

A landslide occurred in Kemalpaşa district of Artvin, Turkey.

UAV news reports that 1 person died and 2 were injured as a result of a landslide that occurred on the Hopa-Kemalpasa road in Artvin, in the border region of Turkey with Georgia.

CNN Turk news reports that the trucks in the natural disaster area were damaged and the road was closed. 3 trucks are stuck under rocks.

In a landslide perished the person is Azerbaijani. About it Azerbaijan International Car Ruslan Eldaroglu, head of the Transporters’ Association (ABADA), wrote on Facebook.

“During the landslide in Arvin province perished The identity of the Azerbaijani driver has been revealed. 99-HY-188 license plate of the truck driver Shahlar Karimov. As a result of the avalanche Turkey Two more TIR drivers, who are citizens, were also injured,” he said.


Azerbaijan news

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