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The number of people killed by rocket attacks on Odessa has reached 20

Ukraine media explains Russia’s rocket attacks on Odessa region as Moscow’s revenge for Zmeyini Island

Ukraine authorities the death toll as a result of a rocket hitting a residential building and recreation base in Odessa region last night 20and said that 30 more were injured.

of Russia Ministry of Defence He has not yet made a statement about this news.

Ukraine according to the information of the state emergency service, 14 people were killed in a multi-storey residential building and 3 people were killed in a recreation base as a result of the shelling of the outskirts of the city in Odessa. perished has been

But later, these numbers increased to 16 and 4, respectively, and the total number of dead 20has reached

According to the report, the rocket hit a 9-story residential building in Belgorod-Dnestrovsky district at 1 am local time.

Later, the figures were refined. The bodies of 19 civilians were removed from the ruins of the building. Among them is an 11-year-old boy.

It is reported that 38 people were hospitalized, 6 of them were children. Two of the children are in serious condition.

As a result of that rocket attack, the building of the nearby recreation base was partially destroyed. Here is one child at least 3 people perished has been

Rescue operations are ongoing news is given.

Revenge for Zmeyini Island?

According to a report from the Southern Operational Command, three missiles were fired from Russian Tu-22 bombers.

X-22 missiles are said to have been fired from strategic bombers.

Observers note that this missile attack occurred immediately after Russia announced the withdrawal of troops from Zmeyini (Snake) Island.

Russia although the command explained his departure from the island with a “humanistic” motive, news agencies troops of Ukraine they report that it was removed as a result of strong artillery fire.

Ukrainian media explain Russia’s missile attacks on Odessa region as Moscow’s revenge for Zmeyini Island.


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