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There was an action with the slogan “Fair, transparent, open court”.

Today, July 1, in Baku with the organization of “Defense Line” human rights organization Court– In front of the building of the Law Council, “openly and fairly court” by request action was held.

Some journalists to human rights defenders, political Party activists and individual a prisoner relatives also joined.

Action The participants said that recently, journalists and human rights defenders court it has become a bit more difficult to release it to the processes. In particular, appeals courts and the Court of Serious Crimes were raised. Human rights defenders emphasized that already the district courts are increasing the restrictions.

Action participants said that justice in Azerbaijan, law there is no equality in front of him, the balance between the branches of power is disturbed, the judiciary and the legislative power higher execution has become an extension of his authority.

At the rally, a placard was raised saying “Let journalists go to the court”. “Judges put aside the Constitution and President They carry out the task from their administration”– it was also emphasized.

According to the participants of the action, journalists were not allowed to open court proceedings Europe It is contrary to the Convention and the Judicial-Legal Council is directly responsible in this matter. They chanted “Fair, transparent, open court”.

At the end of the action, a statement was read.

The picket ended without incident. For the time being, it has not been possible to get an opinion from the Judicial-Legal Council on the opinions expressed there.

In recent years, the officials, as a rule, say that reforms are being carried out in the field of judiciary in the country.

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Azerbaijan news

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