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A Russian cargo ship carrying stolen Ukrainian grain was detained in Turkey

Turkey stolen Ukraine stopped a Russian cargo ship carrying grain. Reuters news gives that of Ukraine in Turkey ambassador Vasili Bodnar said.

According to the diplomat, Ukraine side of Turkey to clarify the situation customs related to the organs. Reuters did not release the name of the cargo ship or the port of arrival.

In the previously published information Russia “Jibek Joly” (Ipek The way) ship was mentioned. Estonia on sale and Turkey companies are claimed to be involved.

Russia with Ukraine due to the war between The parties blame each other for the supply cut.

UN warns that if the crops are not produced, then the poor countries of Africa, Asia and the Middle East will face severe starvation.

First grain ship on June 30 of Ukraine left the port of Berdyansk, which was captured by Russian troops in the south. Russia appointed by the local authorities said that he was sent to “friendly countries”.

According to the Ukrainian authorities, since the beginning of the large-scale invasion, Russia has removed at least 400,000 tons of grain from the occupied Ukrainian territories. Russia denies all accusations related to the illegal export of grain.

Russia attacked Ukraine on February 24. During this period, a number of cities and towns of the country were destroyed, thousands of people perished and millions of people fled the country.

The international world condemns this step of Russia and calls for the withdrawal of its troops from Ukraine.

Official Moscow calls the war against neighboring Ukraine “special military “operation” is called. In addition, those who use the word “war”, those who say “no to war”, as well as individuals and mass media who report news different from the official information of the Russian Ministry of Defense are punished.

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Azerbaijan news

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