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Is part of the four-lane road sold for a cemetery?

Babek A retaining wall is built on the right side of the road from the avenue to Yeni Guneshli settlement. They are doing a great job, they should be applauded. It is still a bit late. But the construction of the wall serves the purpose of expanding the area of ​​the cemetery.”

Journalist Famil Jafarli said this social shared on the network account.

He said that the construction of the wall, which will be approximately 600 meters long, will begin in March 2021.

“Here way they gradually narrow and expand the area of ​​the cemetery. The road has been narrowed to two meters. Even the lampposts on the side of the road are already behind the wall. The back of the wall is hurriedly filled with soil before it is finished. With this, new grave sites are prepared. The price of a grave here 10– It is 12 thousand manats.

About the matter Azerbaijan Car We contacted the State Roads Agency.

Head of the institution’s press service Pomegranate Najafli said that the road in the area has not been narrowed.

“A retaining wall is being built to prevent landslides in the area, nothing else is being done. There is a certain narrowing due to concreting works at that place, after the constructions are removed, we plan to overhaul the street and build new pedestrian sidewalks. The four-lane road will be put into use in a modern appearance.”


Azerbaijan news

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