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The person who entered the subway with a hammer and threatened people was arrested

The Ministry of Internal Affairs released information about the person who entered the subway with a blunt instrument and threatened people.

Department of the Press Service of MIA chief Zeyni Huseynov said that the person was identified and detained crime work started:

Today, “TikTok” social An image of a person wrapped in a cloth and threatening people by displaying an object similar to an ax was shared on the Internet.

The person who shared the mentioned video was identified as 39-year-old Roman Mammadov and detained.

Primary During the interrogation, R. Mammadov confessed to the act of hooliganism and this type of videos in social networks he said that he painted in order to become famous, that he was engaged in repair and construction works on an individual basis, and for a long time, he used the subway with repair tools like other masters.

Today, people go to work with such farm tools on them while using public transport – buses, as well as the subway. If you look at the surveillance cameras in the subway, you can see that person’s belongings on a daily basis the police after being checked by employees, it appears to enter the subway. Therefore, the transfer of such items to the subway is in service there the police it should not mean that the control of employees is weak. At the moment, about the fact crime the case has been started, investigative measures are being carried out.”


Azerbaijan news

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