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Kumçu people say that they have many problems

“I am the most well-known kumcu in the region. I have been applying for two years, but no help is provided.”

Talalar of Balakan district village resident Vagif Humbatov says so. He has been engaged in cocoon farming for 8 years. Every year, he takes the worm from the beginning of May and grows it in June and delivers it to buyers in the form of a wet cocoon.

He says that in return for his hard work, “Honorary Decree” and “Labor although he was awarded the Order”, the problems he experienced reduced his production capacity. Although they started with the first two farms, the number of people engaged in this farm in the village has reached 15.

According to Vagif Humbatov, last year 10Although 0 grams of worm supplies about 450 kg of wet cocoons, only this year, due to lack of fodder, the yield did not exceed 267 kg. He says that there are few chezil trees in the village. It is also for a certain amount of money. Land is needed to build large gardens:

“Although it was delivered in 40 days, I raised it and delivered it in 35 days. Very hard labour, is the most laborious field. Together with my family, I even hired two additional employees. Our biggest problem in this area is the lack of heavy trees. Thousand whites imported from Chinahungry I took it and planted it, the seedlings are in the greenhouse. You need a place to take it and plant it. If our income is to benefit the state, if we want to increase this economy, we should have large orchards.

The municipality says that there is no field”

Kümçü says that he has appealed to the state institution in this regard. He wanted 1-2 hectares of land to be given for planting vegetable gardens:

“Last year Village I applied to the Ministry of Economy, and then to the municipality. The municipality also says that I don’t have such a field. I even asked for the most useless plot to plant a garden. I have 17 acres of land, and I have planted hazelnut orchards on it. How can I cut down the tree?

Cocoon. Photo: Meydan TV

“Otherwise, we all buy leaves from the villages with money. Everyone has their own farms and crops. Whitehungry he needs himself. You have to ask and buy money. 150-20You give 0 manats for a leaf. There is a garden in the neighboring village. I rented that garden. He may not rent next year. Every farm has few trees. Most of them were broken after the Soviet period. Even if you buy it with money, it’s still not enough to feed the worm. If there is land, if a garden is built, I will give 1-2 tons of cocoons a year,” says Vagif Humbatov.


In recent years, one of the agrarian fields that have been tried to be revived in the name of the non-oil sector in the country is cocooning. On the development of cocooning and sericulture 2018-As a result of the implementation of the State Program for 2025, it is planned to increase the production volume of wet cocoons to 600 thousand tons by 2025. However, kumchus say that they make cocoon production due to hard work and difficulties. There are problems that hinder the sufficient development of this field.

Among the 38 regions engaged in the production of wet cocoons in the country, Balakan district is one of the pioneers in terms of cocoon supply. In the large villages of the region, such as Talalar, Hamza, Mesheshampul, Gabagchol, Katekh, kumchus are more common.

When I went to the mountain to pick leaves, the worm hungry was staying

Kumçu Javid Ismayilov also suffers from a lack of feed and space. Rainy day weather conditions also had a negative impact on productivity this year. Kumçu says that the worm sleeps 4 times. In the last 3-4 nights, you should feed him well so that the fertility is normal. Also, the place should be comfortable and at a suitable temperature. A normal storage place is also necessary to protect against insects and birds:

“You have to feed the worm a lot in the morning and in the evening. Normally 3 times a day. In the 4th dream, 50-60 bundles of leaves are needed every day. When I went to the mountain to pick leaves, the worm was hungry. Last year, the yield was 260 kilograms, and this year it was 240 kilograms. Leaf work is difficult, conditions are bad. We go and cut bushes from the mountain, we find leaves and bring them. They don’t give us space, we don’t have space to plant.”

“It is a cruel job, I involved the whole family in this work. My child, life my friend, they all go to the mountain, pick leaves. Find and buy a tree from his door, find and buy one from this door. There is no cocooning with 3-5 heavy trees. In rainy weather, we went and brought leaves from the mountain, dried them with a hair dryer and gave them like that. I was given 120 grams of worms. Village We rented a tent from the mosque and looked at it like that. It’s also windy weather took it away, built it a lot, then it broke. Therefore, productivity was low. He could not wrap a good cocoon”, – says Javid Ismayilov.

According to him, the fields must be:

“Then we will attract other residents, 50-60 households will be engaged. I will take 300-500 grams, I will cultivate a lot. I’m so afraid, I’ll take it already, I’ll have a problem with food again, and the worms will be destroyed. Suffering will disappear.”

Payments are delayed

Since last year, the villagers have been engaged in autumn cocooning as well as summer cocooning. But feed, lack of space and heat weather Sharia does not allow it. In addition, payments for the supply of wet cocoons, which are delayed every year, leave the cocoons in a desperate situation, they say. Although the product was delivered in early June, payments have not been made. Kumçu Vagif Humbatov says that the cost he incurred is half of the funds he will receive:

“It’s better to buy it prices should be raised and paid on time”.

“I spent 1100 manat in total. I lit a wood stove day and night to keep the temperature of 23-24 degrees necessary for the farm. I use both a car and a horse-drawn carriage for a fee. I bought leaves with money and rented a place. But there is a gap in this work. That is, we did not receive the money when it was delivered. Two weeks have passed, but the money has not been paid. It should be understood that we do this work together with our family, even by hiring employees. You have to pay for it. Another difficulty is that last year the weight of the cocoon was 9 manats, this year it was 11 manats. 5 manats is a subsidy, 6 manats is paid by the buyer. It would be better if it is paid in full as soon as it is delivered or after 2-3 days. In August of last year, I scored first in the country and took the autumn cocoon, but this year is difficult for me”, says Kumçu.

Vagif Humbato Photo: Meydan TV

Another fisher Akif Bayramov’s main concern is delayed and low payment prices related to:

“We took 160 grams of worms for 7 people. We took it on May 3 and delivered 230 kg of cocoons on June 12. When we divide it per person, it comes down to 340-350 manats. That’s right 20We bought leaves for 0 manats. It’s very difficult. Last years they took 9 manats. We crawled. They gave one 5 manat, one 2 manat, and one 2 manat. There are delays. This year we haven’t received it yet. They will still pay the money in parts. They say that money belongs to July 10will be given after Since the branches of the trees are cut in the spring, the leaves cannot be grown until autumn. Therefore, it is impossible to cultivate the fall worm. No leaves are found on it. The worm can’t tolerate heat, so it breaks quickly. Looking at the cost you will pay for it, the amount to be paid is not worth it at all.”

Kumçu offer makes the gardens to be built by the municipality:

“Let me catch it 10Let him give 0 grams of worms and show 100 trees and tell him to go and cut those trees and take care of them. You can’t grow a garden on 17 acres of useless allotment land, and there are either hazelnuts or sugar beets on it. If money is given this year, next year I can only buy worms for 2 people.”

Javid Ismayilov thinks that prices if it is increased twice, the suffering and cost of the farmers will be taken into account. Otherwise, it does not spend:

“I haven’t paid the workers’ money yet. I hired 3 additional workers. In addition to the mountain, a citizen had chezil trees in his garden, which did not pay less than 150 manats. Kilogram of cocoon 20– If it is 25 manat, it will satisfy the person. Because the employee you hire wants 15 manats per day. You should also pay the employee daily so that he can work the next day. Count this to 40 days. What is gained with the family? Your suffering remains. I have my own garden, I planted 200 new trees. How many years will he grow up? “I can’t take the fall because of food and space.”

“Many people, little land”

Nurlan Ahmadov, chairman of Talalar Village Municipality of Balakan district, told Meydan TV that this year 1800 kg of fresh cocoons were supplied from 15 farmers in the village. According to him, in the last three years, a garden of 1 hectare has been planted in the village. As for the allocation of plots of land to gardeners, the mayor said that there is no plot of land in reserve.

Vagif Humbato Photo: Meydan TV

“At the time, the plots of land were divided by family farms. In our region, there is a lot of population and little land. For example, in Sheki, 50 sot per person is available, while in our country it is 17-18 sot. There are 1600 families in the village, all the land is divided per person. Due to the lack of land, both those who are on farms in the village and Forest The trees in the area are divided among the cocoons so that they can break the leaves and carry them away. Also, it is possible to plant chezil trees on the edges of their share lands and backyards. Since there is no land in the reserve fund, we cannot help when there is an application. As for land, they keep it in their houses, farms, old buildings, there is no other place.”

Payment will take up to one month

As for the delay in the payment of farmers, Balakan District Agricultural Department employee Shahin Rahimli said that the payments will take up to a month. The reason is that more than 31,000 tons of wet cocoons have been supplied from 270 farmers in the region so far, and the process will continue until the end of next week:

“Before, they used to pay by hand. Then there were few kumçu and cocoons. It seems that Bush did not waste it. However, this did not happen in the following years. They even mentioned that both the state and the buyer should give together, not separately. It didn’t work either. The reason is that they are waiting for the general conclusion of the work in the country. In other words, the age certificate for all regions should be fully handed over, registration should be formalized, clarifications should be made, and then payment should be made. Because sometimes there are dissatisfactions with the weight. They are also investigating him. Even if it is a month late, everyone is paid. The price is raised by the Cabinet of Ministers. This year, 3 manats were raised. In the next years, maybe it will be raised due to inflation, it is not known yet.”

The expert also said that the autumn harvest does not bear fruit until the summer harvest. He considered the desire of Kumchus to rent land as impossible at the present time:

“There are multi-year, 100-year lands that are leased, how can we buy them and give them?” The lands of the municipalities were also divided in time. Personally, I have not had anyone apply for land, even if there are, everyone has land, let them live on their own land. It was even mentioned for a while that the state will allocate subsidies for the trees so that farmers can plant and cultivate them on their land. This decision has not yet entered into force. “Whoever spends as much as he needs to pay with the money he will get in the end.”

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