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“There is nothing in the refrigerator, we have turned it off” |


According to 70-year-old Pari Dadashova, a resident of Astara, she cannot spend the 267 manat pension she received on her own. He emphasizes that he gives the pension to his children: “My son’s and daughter’s families and I live in the same yard. There are 11 of us all together. Those 11 people live on my pension. Pension not even enough bread. Let them come and see our situation, everyone is unemployed. Since we live in the city, we have not been given a plot of land, we have no land. If there was, we worked there and got out of the situation.”

“We want a job…”

He points to his son standing next to him and says that there are three mothers child “My son Samir is registered as unemployed. They told him that we will give cattle as part of the self-employment program. We borrowed and built a stable, but they did not give us a cow. And now that debt remains. What should I do?! They don’t hear our voice from here. District execution we went to the government. They listen to the man and do nothing. We visit the offices and ask for help. We don’t want them to give anything. We want work, let them give us work.”

“We have been building this house since Soviet times”

He can hardly speak, he is short of breath. Showing the house where he lives, he continues: “We have been building this house since the Soviet era. We haven’t finished yet, it’s been 40 years. We could make ends meet during my wife’s life. He did carpentry, he had more or less income. After he passed away, we were in trouble. We watch TV and hear that our country is a rich country. There is gas and oil. But why do we not have a share of this wealth in the country? Day by day we are moving towards evil.”

Narmin Dadashova, the daughter of P. Dadashova, says that the half-building built behind the house belongs to them. She says that her husband built this place when he earned money: “My husband and I live under the protection of my mother. We are embarrassed. My mother is an old man medicine, need care. He takes the pension and spends it on us. Both my husband and I are unemployed. I applied to the employment office, execution I’ve been on the device. We have been dragging for two years. They give notice, they don’t give work. Social they don’t even help.”

“We owe it to pharmacies and stores”

Young children are standing next to him. They have pale skin… N. Dadashova says that they are children, dry them in the morning bread and gave sweet tea. According to him, they often get sick: “These three child he is in school, he is the fourth child. My husband has a herniated disc. Please give me a sweep. Recently, I went to Lankaran Territorial Employment Office No. 15. They said vacancy there is no We have been waiting for four years. We owe it to pharmacies. A walk from one of the pharmacies medicine I bought it for the second time medicine did not give I went and bought some medicine from another pharmacy. We owe it to the stores…”.

“You are going to ask for a job, they say…”

N. Dadashova’s husband Farid Maharramov joins the conversation: “The coronavirus it was good before the pandemic. I was working and earning money. I have not been able to find a job for two or three years. Earlier bread It was 30 kopecks, now it is 50 kopecks. We don’t eat meat, we forgot. We owe 230 manats for gas. I am indebted to all my acquaintances. You go to ask for a job, they say higher you have no education. Ali My educated father applied for a job, he says, you are too old. Let’s see, there is nothing in the refrigerator, we have turned it off.”

“If he stands in line, he will be provided with a job”

Astara district Execution The Government Office says that Employment Centers operate to provide employment to citizens: “Regional offices are located in Lankaran. Let them appeal to them.”

Execution they also say that they will help that family from their authorities.

Lankaran City Employment Center informs that if a citizen waits in line, he will be provided with a job: “We have a representative in Astar, let them approach him and talk about their problems. It is necessary to clarify.” (Radio Liberty)

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