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Boris Johnson announced his resignation


He wants to lead the government until new elections are held

Boris Johnson has announced his resignation as Prime Minister of Great Britain and leader of the Conservative Party.

He said this in his address to the people on July 7.

Boris Johnson Great until new elections are held Britain said that he intends to lead his government and the Conservative Party.

He also promised to give maximum support to the future leader of the party and the government.

At the same time, the politician said that after his resignation, the government of the United Kingdom will provide the necessary assistance to Ukraine.

However, Boris Johnson also expressed his concern about not being able to complete some projects:

“As you can see, the crowd instinct is very strong.”

“I will support the next leader of the Conservative Party as much as I can. I want you to know how sad I am to leave the best job in the world,” Johnson said.

Those demanding Boris Johnson’s resignation initially pointed to his breach of quarantine rules. So that, coronavirus During the days of restrictions, the Prime Minister was said to host a party in his office.

As the second main factor, conservativesParliament It was revealed that he consented to the appointment of Chris Pincher, deputy whip, knowing his inappropriate behavior.

In the British legislature, “Parliament whip” means the person who ensures the disciplined work of party deputies. Thus, the remarks made against B. Johnson are not directly related to the activity or course of the party. The main complaints are related to his personal and leadership qualities.

Prime Minister several times already parliament and the police He changed his statements during his investigations.

His critics find this unacceptable.

On July 6, the finance and health ministers spoke against B. Johnson.

Rishi Sunak and Sahid Javid called for his resignation.

It is reported that the number of politicians who left the Prime Minister’s team in the last two days has reached 60.

Boris Johnson was born in 1964 in New York.

he 20He was the mayor of London in 2016-08.

B. Johnson has been the Prime Minister of Great Britain since 2019.

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