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13 years pension alan Nariman Abdullayev’s disability cancellation was done

Nariman Abdullayev, who suffered a spine injury while drilling wells in the Caspian Sea 15 years ago, and whose health problems did not go away even after the operation, is therefore a disabled person of the second group for 13 years. pension got it. They refused to extend his disability after June 2021. They said that due to his current condition, he does not have a degree of disability. Because of this, his pension was cut off. Nariman Abdullayev told Meydan TV that he can neither receive a pension nor be employed due to his health problems.

“Sometimes I can’t stand the pain, so how do I get the medicine I need?” Where can I find money? Serious health problems do not allow me to work, these too pension they don’t say “no, you are cured”. Such a shame, so many lies? Should I starve?!”

Nariman Abdullayev currently walks with a corset for his spine and uses a crutch. Garadagh district, The coast The 57-year-old former oilman, who lives in the settlement, has worked in this field since 1985. First at the Complex Drilling Trust in the Damping Department driver– worked as a motor driver. Sonradalan worked in other positions.

On November 2, 1988, the second group got an occupational disease that led to disability – they could not walk, they were bedridden for two years. After being treated, he was employed again in 1993.

20On the night of December 31, 2006, during shift change in the Sand Island field (Spring well), the landing pad was broken while transferring from the rig to the ship. As a result, Nariman Abdullayev fell into the sea. According to him, they searched for him for a long time under the drilling rig and rescued him after many attempts.

“At that time, I received a strong blow from my back. Since then I have had terrible pain in my spine and lower back. Due to injury to my spine, occupational disease and second group disability 20Retired on June 21, 2008 free I was done…”.

Previously, Nariman Abdullayev’s disability was reconfirmed every year and he received a pension. In 2016, there was a change and the disability period was approved for 5 years. His pension has been suspended due to the expiration of the term in June 2021.

Nariman Abdullayev. Photo:

“The chief doctor of hospital No. 23 in Karadakh sent me for re-examination 4 times. Each time I underwent an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). I have attached and sent the results of both MRI and EMG (Electromyography), epicrisis. Last year, from August 25 to September 2, I was examined at the Neftchiler hospital. I was diagnosed with compression of the left L4 roots of the lumbar spine (hemilian ectomy), the condition after the removal of the hernia between the L4-L5 vertebrae, osteochondrosis of the back vertebrae, long-term acute painful discogenic radiculopathy, paresis of the right leg, severe astheno-neurotic condition. Later, I underwent another examination at the Neftchilar hospital. A diagnosis of diffuse osteochondrosis of the scapular vertebrae was added after the removal of the hernia between the L4-L5 vertebrae. On January 31 of this year, I was examined for the fourth time at the Republican Clinical Hospital, where the diagnoses were confirmed. Despite this, they refused to confirm my disability.”

Labor and Population Social The Ministry of Defense reported that Nariman Abdullayev on January 25 MedicalSocial It was also examined at the Expertise and Rehabilitation Agency:

“It turned out that the medical institution’s diagnosis of injuries to the spine is not confirmed. In general, Nariman Abdullayev’s condition does not give him a reason to be given the status of disabled.”

The ministry emphasized that new criteria for determining disability are being applied in Azerbaijan. Some people who have previously received health benefits do not meet these criteria:

“If during re-attestation, it is determined that the citizen is able to live normally without the status of disabled, the benefits he received earlier are not returned to the treasury. Citizens from the decision of the commission to the court complaint they had the right to give”.

Nariman Abdullayev also went to court in April this year. His rights in court attorney Rauf Azimov defended. One of the main arguments of the lawyer was that the legislation 10 prohibits such behavior in relation to a person who has received a pension as a continuous disabled person. He emphasized that it is not logical for a person who suffered from serious diseases for 13 years and did not recover during this period to recover now. Lawyer stressed in the court that all these should be taken as a basis, and the complaint of the former oilman should be satisfied.

The State acting as a defendant in court MedicalSocial The representative of the Expertise and Rehabilitation Agency to this protest and requested that Nariman Abdullayev’s claim be rejected.

Baku On July 26, the judge of the Administrative Court, Mehriban Garayeva, decided in favor of Nariman Abdullayev – his appeal was upheld.

“This institution knows that they were wrong, but still like this court decisions to higher authorities complaint gives The goal is to creep people out. They say to the man that if you don’t give a pension, if you claim that I’m cured, let me SOCARReturn to my job in…”, added the former oilman.

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