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Three more ships depart from Ukrainian ports

The three ships have a total of about 58,000 tons of corn

Three more ships loaded with corn Ukraine out of their ports. Information from Turkey Ministry of Defence published on August 5. It is the Black Sea ports with grain and other village on the restoration of export of agricultural products UNis realized within the framework of the agreements supported by

Russia, Ukraine and UNThe Joint Coordination Center, which is represented in Istanbul, said that two ships left Chornomorsk and one from Odessa.

The three ships have a total of about 58,000 tons of corn.

Ships will be inspected

The ship from Odessa to Ireland, the other two Britain and goes to Turkey. All three ships will be inspected by the Joint Inspection Team north of Istanbul.

The first ship to Lebanon left Ukraine this week.

Last week with Moscow Kyiv Turkey and UNthrough the mediation of of Ukraine have reached an agreement on the restoration of exports from three ports.

Russia Since the attack on Ukraine began at the end of February, grain exports have stopped.

In the meantime of Ukraine There are reports of heavy fighting in eastern Donetsk region. Moscow-backed separatists are trying to drive Kiev’s forces out of Bakhmut and Avdiyevka. Ukraine military officials say Russia may launch a new offensive in the south.

Fire is fired near the nuclear plant

Russia forces attacked the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant and set fire to the city. of Ukraine It is reported that the second largest city, Kharkiv, was also hit by fire.

Several industrial facilities in the city and a five-story residential building in the nearby city of Chuhuyev were hit by a rocket news is given.

Ukrainian forces are successfully repelling Russian attacks in the cities of Soledar and Bakhmut, located in the northeast and east of Donetsk region. Information of the General Staff of Ukraine on August 4 chief deputy, brigadier general Oleksiy Khromov gave

However, Khromov confirmed that Ukrainian soldiers were forced to withdraw from the village of Semihirya and their positions in the southeast of Avdiyevka.

Khromov says Moscow may launch a new offensive to seize control of the Kherson region in southern Ukraine, where it is building up forces.

The situation in Donetsk

According to the leaders of Russian-backed separatists in the Donetsk region, at least three people were killed by Ukrainian fire in the city of Donetsk perished six people were injured.

The city has been under separatist control since 2014, but the Ukrainian army controls large areas of Donetsk region. At present, Russian forces say that they have captured a significant amount of territory in this province.

The governor of Donetsk from Ukraine Pavlo Kirilenko the end 24 hours said that three civilians were killed by Russian fire. In the city of Toretsk, eight people were killed and four were wounded by Russian artillery fire.

NATOSecretary General of Jens Stoltenberg said on August 4 that alliance members are working closely with defense companies to provide more weapons and equipment as Ukraine prepares for a long-term war against Russian invaders.


Azerbaijan news

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