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The war must end with the liberation of Crimea

Military According to sources, the front lines are getting stronger, with limited progress on both sides

Yesterday – August 9 in Crimea Russia Speculation about the causes of the big explosions at the airfield continues. From August 9 10According to the information received last night, Russia soldiers of Ukraine concentrated in the southern province. And the Ukrainians Kharkiv they say they are making small progress around it.

Military According to sources, the front lines are getting stronger, with limited progress on both sides.

President Volodymyr Zelensky In his speech on August 9, he did not mention the explosions at the airfield in Crimea. It is reported that one person died in the explosions.

Zelensky said that they will take back Crimea, which Moscow annexed in 2014, before the end of the war.

“Russia to Ukraine and all free His war against Europe should start with Crimea and end with Crimea free by doing. It is impossible to say today when this will happen. But Crimean free we are constantly adding the necessary components to the formula for makingZelensky said.

So far, there have been no heavy battles in Crimea. Officials in Moscow have warned Ukraine that they will retaliate heavily against any attack, including hitting “decision-making centers” in Kiev.

of Russia Ministry of Defence said in a statement that the Saki airfield was not the target of an attack, the explosions were caused by the explosion of aviation ammunition. But it was not shown who or what caused the explosion.

of Ukraine Ministry of Defence noted that “he could not determine the cause of the fire, but once again fire reminds of the safety rules, that smoking is prohibited in places that are not specially designated. That is, the ministry indicates that there may be an accident at the facility.

“The New York Times” newspaper of Ukraine behind the explosions in Crimea, he writes with reference to an unnamed high-ranking official Ukraine forces stopped.

Although the official did not say which weapon was used, “only Ukraine he said that the device produced was used.

The source is from the Saki airfield on the west coast of Crimea Ukraine regular to the forces weather he added that the blows were delivered

Radio Liberty could not independently confirm what the newspaper wrote.

of Ukraine military and the expert told “Current Time” that Kiev “theoretically” has weapons to hit Saki.

Meanwhile, according to reports from the war zone, Russia concentrates its forces in the southern Kherson province. And the Ukrainians Kharkiv have made small progress in the province.

From August 9 10The Russian forces north-east last night Kharkiv that his city was fired upon, infrastructure was damaged, but no one was injured news is given.

Mayor of Kharkiv Igor Terekhov at least four at night explosion said that one of them happened near a building “not related to military infrastructures”.

The General Staff of the Ukrainian army said on August 9 that “the Russians are trying to attack in different parts of the 100-kilometer front line in the east of Ukraine, from the outskirts of Seversky to the vicinity of Donetsk.”

Russia started occupying Ukraine on February 24. The West punished Moscow with harsh sanctions.


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