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Russia takes control of the Zangezur corridor


Russia military personnel established a checkpoint on the Megri-Agarak road of Syunik region (Zangezur) in the south of Armenia. Armenia’s “Yerevan.Today” newspaper reported on this two days ago. this is Azerbaijan is also an important way for Because the post is actually iron way along with the line, it was installed on the highway that will form the Zangezur corridor, which will connect the main part of our country with Nakhchivan.

According to the publication, peacekeepers way protects and checks all citizens passing through this road. “The country’s government is about this Armenia did not inform its residents in advance and there is still no explanation,” the portal notes.

It seems that Baku was not informed about this either. Russia in Armenia military What is the reason for such an unexpected decision of the command? This is very important and interesting in light of the fact that none of the parties have yet been able to convince Yerevan about the opening of communications through the Zangezur corridor. And unexpectedly in this place Russian military post is created. Why?

Later, an “interesting” explanation appeared. This explanation to “” portal Russia Federal Security Service Armenia The Border Office presented:

“Recently, due to the increase in illegal smuggling of hard drugs and psychotropic substances (hashish, methamphetamine, heroin) from Iran to Armenia, the state border IranArmenia tense operating conditions have arisen in the

In addition, cases of violation of the state border by representatives of extremist and terrorist organizations are recorded. So that, Russia in 2021, border guards detained two fighters of an illegal armed group crossing Iran in the area where the Meghri border detachment is located. They had weapons, grenades and a large amount of ammunition.

In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Armenia “On the State Border”, in order to ensure the security of the Republic of Armenia, since the beginning of this year, the Government of Armenia, National In agreement with the Security Service and other competent authorities, special posts have been installed for border guards to serve. They are selective in relation to persons and vehicles for the detection and prevention of smuggling, organizing illegal migration and other crimes. way with (to all, without exception, during the search and pursuit of border violators) they carry out inspection measures.

We ask citizens moving in the border zone to understand the requirements of law enforcement agencies.

It sure sounds great. But I wonder if this step of the Border Department of the Russian Federal Security Service in the Republic of Armenia Azerbaijan Why did he decide to shoot immediately after the “Revenge” operation he carried out near the Lachin corridor? War in November 20ended in Azerbaijan since then Iran and took control of all previously occupied gray zones used for illegal drug trafficking between Armenia and Armenia. Is it now known that illegal drug trafficking has moved to the west – to the border area of ​​Zangezur controlled by Armenia? Not convincing. If it happened, then it happened a year and a half ago. The post just appeared. What is this signal about?

Gela Vasadze, a leading expert of the Georgian Strategic Analysis Center (GSAC), shared his views on these points with the Press Club:

– Let’s start with war 2020It didn’t end in November and it won’t end until the peace treaty is signed. This is the first point.

It doesn’t surprise me that the Russians set up checkpoints there. I’m surprised they haven’t made a new base there yet. But they will definitely do it. This is the second point.

The objective reality is that when the Zangezur corridor will be opened, and whether it will be opened at all in Moscow they decide. Talks about the opening of this corridor being in Russia’s interest are self-deception.

As long as Russia has no problem with Georgia (goods Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway to Turkey and back), there was no special need for Moscow to open this corridor. That is why checkpoints are created. But this is a matter of negotiation.

Rauf Orujov

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