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The most suitable hours for an intimate relationship – LIST BY ZODIAC

According to research, people’s sexual desire is higher on different days of the week, even at certain times of the day. However, it would not be correct to say that this time falls at the same time for everyone. It can make a difference according to people’s zodiac signs.

24 hours According to, it presents the most suitable time for sex according to each zodiac sign:

Aries – in the morning, preparing for a new day.

When Aries people start a new day, they are full of energy and their physical strength is in place. Mornings are the ideal time for Aries to have sex.

Taurus – Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

Taurus are lazy people. But when the topic is sex, on the 3rd day of the week, bulls’ energy is at a high level.

Gemini – Sunday mornings, after lunch.

When Gemini feels relaxed and on vacation, they will have a more balanced and higher body energy.

Cancer – rainy Saturday night.

For a person from a romantic sign like Cancer, the time he will spend with his loved one will of course be more beautiful with the rhythm of raindrops hitting the glass.

Leo – before leaving home to go to a party.

When the fire and excitement of Leo is on him, he is more inclined to make love. Therefore, it is an ideal time for him before parties and invitations.

Girl – at home after work.

For a Virgo who has completed her duties and returned home peacefully, it’s the right time to make love at home while she’s in a good mood.

Libra – after a long delicious lunch.

Libra’s body balance is higher in the afternoon and the mood is good. For this reason, the ideal time for Libra to make love is after dinner.

Scorpio – every moment, every minute.

People of this sign who attach great importance to sex can always enjoy making love. Therefore, there is no special time limit for scorpions.

Sagittarius – Late at night…

Himself in his mind and dreams free Late night is ideal for making love for Sagittarius, when they feel like it, when they will use their energy in the best form.

Capricorn – as the last thing to do before bed.

The ideal time to make love to a Capricorn, who, like many people, does not go to sleep without completing his duties, is before bed.

Aquarius – as soon as you wake up in the morning.

Aquarius’s body energy and balance will be good when they wake up. For this reason, the best time for a long lovemaking and romantic touches for zodiac signs is in the morning.

Pisces – before leaving home for work.

Romantic Pisces love to make love in unexpected places. Therefore, the rush time before going to work in the morning is more suitable for them.

24 hours

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