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Iran will definitely not agree with the change of geographical boundaries in the region”. Iran administration of the president news gives that the president Ibrahim Chief He said in a telephone conversation with the Prime Minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan.

Chief noting that the two countries have historical and deep ties with each other, he stressed the importance of developing permanent economic cooperation between Tehran and Yerevan.

Later, the President of the Islamic Republic touched upon the tension observed in the Caucasus region in recent days.

“The best way to ensure peace and security in the Caucasus region way that the countries that signed the tripartite declaration on the cessation of fire respect the provisions of the agreement and solve the remaining problems through dialogue and diplomatic means. Iran in no case does he accept the change of geographical boundaries in the region”, said Ibrahim Chief said.

Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan during the telephone conversation, he gave detailed information “about the tense situation with Azerbaijan in recent days”.

Pashinyan He also expressed satisfaction with the development of Tehran-Iravan relations.

According to him, Yerevan is ready to facilitate the transit of goods between the two countries, to expand cooperation in the field of infrastructure, including roads and energy.

The most interesting point here is what the president of Iran wants to say. What border change is he talking about? Who wants a border change? Does Tehran really think that Azerbaijan Are you planning to capture Armenia’s Syunik region, Zangezur? Or is it a warning to someone else? But to whom?

Perhaps Raisi’s speech is related to the latest news of the Armenian service of “Azadlig” radio with reference to the authorities of the city of Megri? It says that Russia Border guards installed five modular checkpoints on the roads of Syunik region, on the roads from Megri to Agaragh, Shvanidzor, Alvank, and Nrnadzor.

According to these sources, Russia FTX border guards stop and check all citizens and vehicles and only then allow their movement. Before that Russia border guards only controlled the border with Iran.

A series in Armenia political the news that Russian border guards control this road within the Zangezur corridor of the road To Azerbaijan evaluated as preparation for handover.

Political scientist, director of the East-West Research Center Erestun Orujlu shared his views on these points with the Press Club:

– Many questions arise here. Why did the president of Iran make such a statement, knowing that it would appear in the press? I think it was pre-arranged, otherwise Raisi’s words would not have been made public. And it is likely that To Azerbaijan not addressed. I think that this message was primarily addressed to Russia or Turkey after Erdogan’s meeting with Putin in Sochi. After the Sochi meeting, such comments began to spread in the liberal circles of Russia, that supposedly Turkey leader surpassed Russia, Putin In exchange for support from Turkey, it surrenders its positions in the South Caucasus and Syria.

we Turkey we have witnessed that its officials made a series of soft statements against Russia, and it is possible that the Iranians, guided by this, now think that Russia will make certain concessions to Turkey. This is primarily due to the fear of opening the Zangezur corridor. And maybe the fact that the Russian border guards took control of the border posts in Meghri caused dissatisfaction in Iran. After all, Iran’s cooperation and partnership with Russia is very conditional. I’ve always said that. Even in Syria, they have such deep contradictions among themselves that Russia and Iran, located there, attack Israel’s planes military allows bombing its facilities and bases belonging to pro-Iranian forces. That is, perhaps, first of all, this kind of perception of the processes taking place in the region increases Tehran’s mistrust of Moscow. Secondly, Tehran believes that there is some kind of secret agreement between Ankara and Moscow regarding the admission of Turkey to the region.

I think all this is a bit exaggerated. First of all, Russia plays a rather complex geopolitical game in many areas, and I am far from thinking that Russia will make any concessions to Turkey, either in Syria or in the South Caucasus. Because the loss of the South Caucasus will mean the loss of all lands up to Stavropol for Moscow, that is, the North Caucasus at the same time.

Iran understands that today it is more important for the Russian Federation to come to an agreement with Ankara than to come to an agreement with Tehran. Because Ankara also plays a double-triple game with Moscow. That is, I want to say that this is a message to Russia rather than to Turkey. The movement of Russian FTX troops in Armenia and taking control of new border posts makes Tehran afraid that the Russian Federation may eventually agree to the opening of the Zangezur Corridor. Iran does not want this – Khamenei Putin and clearly stated during Erdogan’s visit to Tehran. Raisi goes further and repeats it in a stricter form.

But suppose Iran does not want it. Let’s say that indeed some changes to the borders of the region are supposed to be made (although I consider this completely unacceptable and impossible, because Armenia considered as an independent state and subject of international law) – but even in this case, Tehran’s opinion will be the last to be asked. If something like this happens, it is unlikely that anyone will settle accounts with Iran. I don’t think that will happen though.

Rauf Orujov

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