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Less than half of the admission places are state orders

For the 2022-2023 academic year Azerbaijan higher education The admission plan for institutions exceeds 51,000 places. This was announced by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the State Examination Center on August 16 Maleyka Abbaszadeh he said at the press conference about the choice of specialty.

The qualification selection, which started on August 16, will continue until the 28th of this month.

According to M. Abbaszadeh, last year the number of planned places was 49 thousand 998: “23 thousand 627 of the planned places are ordered by the state. The number of state-ordered places is 746 more this year than last year.

According to M. Abbaszade’s emphasis, this year higher The number of applicants for admission to schools has also increased. According to him, the number of applicants for all groups was 78 thousand 622 last year, and this year this number increased to 99 thousand 533 people.

Azerbaijan higher 6-7 years ago, the number of places with state orders for admission to schools was less. It was reported that this was only around 25 percent of the overall admission. The rest of the places were paid.

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Azerbaijan news

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