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Senators question US cooperation with Azerbaijan


Eight senators addressed a letter to Blinken and the defense minister

On September 13 Armenia-Azerbaijan on the border after the collision that occurred USA senators Biden They increased the pressure on the administration.

The information “Turan“‘s correspondent in Washington spread.

He said that Biden Administration Baku faced pressure for cooperation in the field of security.

Including former presidential candidates, USAEight senators sent a letter to Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin on September 21.

They are the Administration Baku asked whether he intends to continue cooperation in the field of security with:

“Also USAThey want to know whether he has provided any assistance in the field of security to the units that participated in combat operations recently.”

The letter was signed by Senators Edward J. Markey (Massachusetts), Debbie Stabenow (Michigan), Alex Padilla (California), Ron Wyden (Oregon), Chris Van Hollen (Maryland), Bernie Sanders (Florida), Jackie Rosen (Nevada) and Cory Booker ( New Jersey) have signed.

Senators believe that despite the current restrictions, Azerbaijan It continues to receive security assistance from the United States.

The administration was given 2 weeks to respond.

On September 12 AzerbaijanArmenia on the border As a result of the armed conflict, both sides suffered losses.

Azerbaijan Ministry of Defence 79 so far, Armenia to work 20He reported that he lost more than 0 servicemen.

September on the 17th 32, 2095 Armenian soldiers were handed over to the Armenian side given.

The official statement released by the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan states that the Armenian armed forces in Dashkasan, Kalbajar and launched a large-scale attack in the direction of Lachin.

Aram Torosyan, the head of the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Armenia, said that Azerbaijan fired intensively in the direction of Goris, Sotk and Jermuk (Gorus, Zod and Istisu) regions of Armenia, and artillery and UAVs were involved in the battle.


2020in September Azerbaijan and Armenia A conflict has begun between the armed forces.

More than 6,000 soldiers from both sides in the conflict, which lasted 44 days and was called the Second Karabakh War perished has been

Azerbaijan regained control over a part of the Nagorno-Karabakh region and 7 surrounding districts.

That year 10 to the November statement (Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia signed between) basically, the fighting has stopped.

After that, in the corridor of Lachin and in Karabakh Russian peacekeepers placed.

Before the second Karabakh war, until the ceasefire agreement in 1994 Azerbaijan The Nagorno-Karabakh region and 7 adjacent districts were occupied.

The conflict in Armenia since the USSR To Azerbaijan It started with territorial claims.

Azerbaijan news

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