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As you know, Yerevan Russia and is dissatisfied with the reaction of the CSTO to the recent events on the border with Azerbaijan. Armenia Parliament speaker Alen Simonyan in an interview with Public Television referring to the recent events on the border with Azerbaijan.Armenia his party’s expectations are not justified,” he said.

“We have drawn conclusions, are drawing conclusions and will draw conclusions in the future. Yerevan is still waiting for the reaction of the organization. We are also waiting for more tangible steps from Moscow, with whom we signed an agreement on friendship and mutual assistance,” he added.

He also said that military in ceasing operations USA played a big role.

I wonder if all this means that Armenia will leave the CSTO soon? Armenia this military What will happen next if he leaves the union? In the matter of ensuring the security of the Yerevan country NATOWill he hope? It should be noted that Azerbaijan to the same extent as Armenia NATOis a member of the Partnership for Peace program. Azerbaijan having an ally Turkey and is generally a full member of the Alliance. What options are left for Armenia if it leaves the CSTO? Will Armenia go towards the normalization of relations with its neighbors?

The questions of the Press Club were answered by foreign experts.

Mikhail Neyzhmakov, Political and the leading analyst of the Economic Communications Agency (Moscow):

– Of course, when the situation around Armenia becomes tense, the criticism against CSMT in the country also increases. We observed this in 2021-2022, especially in the spring of 2021, during the tension around Karagöl. Parliament Speaker Alen Simonyan’s criticism of the CSTO is currently in the country for Nikol Pashinyan’s team protest shows how important it is to focus one’s mood on external forces. At the same time, it is not worth exaggerating the danger of this situation for the current government of Armenia. Nicole Pashinyan 2020The end of the year – the beginning of 2021 in the conditions of greater risks domestically political was able to control the situation.

It is likely that the country will not leave the CSTO in the near future. At least because USA so far, he has not made concrete commitments in the field of ensuring Armenia’s security. Nancy Pelosi’s promises to listen to Armenia’s defense needs are in themselves very slippery. But most likely, Nicole Pashinyan During negotiations with Moscow USA He will try to use the visit of the Chairman of the House of Representatives of the Congress to Armenia to strengthen his position.

“Strategy XXI” Center (Ukraine) military expert Pavlo Lakiychuk:

– It seems that the time has come for Armenia to make a difficult choice to get rid of post-Soviet illusions: CSTO, Eurasian Economic Union, Customs Union NATO and is not an alternative to cooperation mechanisms with the EU. It is a form of keeping former colonies under control. What will happen next? The state will try to build relations with its neighbors, ignoring the “big brother” – this is a process of institutional maturation with signs of beatings and bruises. Simply put, Yerevan has no effective alternative to normalizing relations with its neighbors. The sooner they understand this in Yerevan, the better for both Armenia and the region as a whole.

By the way, when it comes to NATO’s Partnership for Peace Program, we are not talking about membership in the Alliance. The program was developed and implemented as a complex of measures to create and strengthen mutual trust between NATO member countries and their neighbors. Over time, many participants of the program decided to join the Alliance. Others, e.g. Russia froze cooperation (Russia Federation still officially remains a participant of the program). Third parties participate in the partnership program and at the same time remain members of other military associations, for example, the CSTO. Good neighborliness and partnership with equal rights, or conflict and isolation. It’s everyone’s choice. Own choice.

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