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Chingiz Abdullayev was “elected” chairman of the Azerbaijan Writers’ Union

Today (24.09.2022) in Azerbaijan VIII congress of journalists will be held.

24 hoursnews gives that in the congress Azerbaijan Honored Culture Worker of the Republic of Azerbaijan, “525th newspapereditor-in-chief of Azerbaijan Writers Union (IAB) Deputy Chairman Rashad Majid Azerbaijan The chairman of the Press Council will be “elected”.

Along with the “election” of Rashad Majid to this position, the long-open “Who will be the chairman of the AIB?” question will be answered. Thus, the fact that Rashad Majid is the chairman of the Council means that Chingiz Abdullayev will be “elected” as the chairman of the AIB with the same excitement and transparency.

In other words, tomorrow in Azerbaijan not only the Press Shuar, but also Azerbaijan The chairman of the Union of Writers will be “elected”.

It should be recalled that the previous Press Shuara VII congress 2018of March 10Former assistant to the President of Azerbaijan Ali Hasanov was held on his birthday.

“24 hours”

Azerbaijan news

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