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Putin sends Azerbaijanis to fight


Russia President Vladimir Putin’s decree on partial mobilization created agitation in the country. Social it appears from the news published in the media that the vast majority of the population welcomed this news with displeasure.

Mass in several major cities, including the capital Moscow, yesterday protest actions were held. In the anti-regime actions attended by thousands of people Putin slogans were raised against the government, as well as the government was demanded to stop the war of aggression in Ukraine.

Russia The Ministry of Internal Affairs on the protesters internal troops, as well as specially trained the police sent his forces. As a result, hundreds of demonstrations were violently dispersed action participant was detained. In social networks According to reports, more than a thousand Russians were detained yesterday the police taken to the departments.

It should be recalled that the decision to mobilize has given rise to mass flight from Russia. During the day yesterday Russia with no visa regime Turkey and the plane tickets to the post-Soviet countries were sold out in a short period of time. Some airlines even the ticket prices 10 they increased the price up to a thousand euros.

Russia is also trying to attract migrants who live and work in this country to this war. For this purpose, the procedures for obtaining Russian citizenship have been greatly simplified. Thus, it was announced that those who sign a contract for at least one year of service in the Russian army will immediately receive citizenship.

Some post-Soviet countries do not want their citizens to fight against Ukraine on the part of Russia. For example, yesterday the authorities of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan warned migrant citizens in Russia not to sign up for the Russian army, which is waging a war in Ukraine.

The statement issued by the Kyrgyz Embassy in Moscow on September 21 states that in the territory of foreign countries military any form of participation in the activity will be considered a paid activity, 10 until imprisonment, will be punished by confiscation of property. The embassy informs its citizens that they military if a document calling to join the operations arrives, they should apply to the diplomatic representation.

The Embassy of Uzbekistan made a similar statement, stating that it is illegal to join foreign armies. 10 said that he will be punished with imprisonment up to a year.

Kyrgyzstan recognizes dual citizenship with non-border countries. Kyrgyz in Russia labour most of the migrants have Russian citizenship and can be involved in mobilization.

Uzbekistan does not recognize dual citizenship. Most of the 1.2 million Uzbek migrants in Russia want to get Russian citizenship, some of them serve in the Russian armed forces.

What about banning dual citizenship? Azerbaijan What position should he take in this matter? It is known that up to 2 million Azerbaijanis work and live in Russia. Some of them have accepted the citizenship of this country, and the rest are temporarily registered with work permits. The fact that the Russian government gives citizenship on easy terms in exchange for fighting against Ukraine is attractive to many offer as it may seem.

There is also the fact that Azerbaijanis with Russian citizenship will not be able to evade the government’s demand for mobilization. Because of September 20in the State Duma A crime According to the changes made to the Code, long-term for Russian citizens who refuse to join the Russian armed forces imprisonment punishments are provided.

In such a case, what should Azerbaijanis in Russia do? What awaits them in terms of mobilization? Fighting against Ukraine Azerbaijan What will be the legal attitude to citizens in our country?

Lawyer Hafiz Hasanov said in his statement to that if Azerbaijanis in Russia are citizens of this country, those people can be involved in mobilization or voluntarily. military may be involved in operations: “Living in Russia Azerbaijan citizens cannot be mobilized by the authorities. Due to their voluntary participation in the military conflicts conducted by the Russian Federation, the Criminal Code does not provide for a concerted article. 283-1 to CM in 2014 alone. Article 283-1 entitled “Creating a stable group for the purpose of participating in armed conflicts outside the borders of the Republic of Azerbaijan” was added. Here we are talking about spreading religious sects, involvement in armed conflicts carried out outside the borders of the Republic of Azerbaijan under the guise of performing religious rituals, or on the grounds of religious enmity, religious radicalism or religious fanaticism, and participation in such an armed association.

The lawyer states that if A crime If a specific article on this issue is not added to the Code, Azerbaijanis fighting against Ukraine by Russia crime they will not be held responsible.


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