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“The investigator took 25,000 manats from us and said that he has reached the prosecutor’s office…” |


Mahsati Mammadova: “To the Prosecutor’s Office complaint I’ve done it, I’ve added my proofs, no one is watching”

Beylagan resident Mahsati Mammadova complained to the investigator of the Investigation Department of the State Border Service. He claims that his son Faig Mammadov with contradictory, false evidence crime apart from holding him responsible, moreover, he does not return the money he received from them. Mahsati Mammadova to punish the investigator President His administration has sent letters to various state bodies, including the Prosecutor General’s Office.

“Courts have proved that they perform the function of notaries”

Faig Mammadov was sentenced to 13 years of imprisonment by the Lankaran Serious Crimes Court. her mother says court without examining what was written in the investigation materials, he considered his work finished by confirming the accusation. According to Mahsati Mammadova, lawyers The cases of fraud and contradictions in the case were brought to the attention of the judges:

“Unfortunately, the courts once again proved that they are busy performing the function of notaries – transferring the indictment and signing the verdict. No investigation was conducted. Supposedly Faig drug sent a voice message to the sellers saying “we are here, bring the goods”. In court lawyers requested that the recording be announced. It turned out that there is no such evidence. Conducting the investigation of this case inspector Nijat Ajalov said that he himself listened to that voice, but then the phone was blocked. There is no copy, no picture, no video of the audio recording they said. In other words, there is nothing.”

“Do the border guards carry these people with them day and night?”

Mahsati Mammadova crime drew attention to another point in the materials of his work. He said that only the investigator’s signature is in the review protocols, not the signature of the accused Faig Mammadov or his lawyer:

“It is written that the inspection was conducted with the participation of so-and-so, but there is no signature of those people. Another fraud is related to eyewitnesses. On September 25, at 9 o’clock, when Elshan Suleymanov was detained on the mountain on the border with Iran, the witnesses who signed the protocol there also signed the documents 9 hours later when Faig was arrested in the center of Beylagan. It turns out that these people walk around the border guards day and night?! Court it overlooked the many violations I said and didn’t say…”

“I have evidence confirming that 25,000 was given to the investigator”

Mahsati Mammadova claims that her son is innocent inspector he also expressed it in conversations with them. But he said that it was important to convince the “superiors” to release him:

Lawyer asked us for 25,000 manats. It was not only the lawyer’s opinion, my younger son Shaiq and my niece also met with the investigator together with the lawyer. He also said with them that “the superiors are from me, I am from the lawyer, attorney is waiting for your answer.” The first time we made 15 thousand, with my son attorney He gave it in the courtyard of the DSX building. A few days later, I met Nicat near the Opera and Ballet Theater and gave him 5,000. The next time, Nijat sent us his salary card, and we transferred 1,600 manats to his card. There is also a receipt for this. My niece gave the remaining 2 thousand dollars to the investigator…”.

Photo: from the archive of Faig Mammadov’s relatives

According to the claim of the complainant, there are evidences and audio recordings that confirm what he said. mom says inspector he deceived them for a long time, they did not know that the investigation of his son’s case had been completed and that the case had already been sent to court. Already court when they started, they realized that they were deceived and asked the investigator to return the money. According to Mahsati Mammadova, the investigator did not return the money he received:

He said, “I gave all the money to the Prosecutor General, I can’t get it back.” All of these are also available in audio recordings. He said that we do what the prosecutor’s office says. I have repeatedly appealed to the prosecutor’s office about these actions of Nijat Ajalov. There are no results. They forward our application to the State Border Service. We can’t get an answer from there either. We attach the receipt and other proofs to the application.

The appellate court upheld the sentence against Faig Mammadov. His lawyer in connection with this case in the near future Ali He will send a cassation appeal to the court.

The Prosecutor’s Office and the State Border Service deny what was said

In response to an inquiry regarding Mehsati Mammadova’s allegations, the press service of the Prosecutor General’s Office stated that an investigation was conducted on her appeal, and the features she indicated were not confirmed:

“Mammadov Faig by the judgment of the Lankaran Serious Crimes Court Decree his son A crime He was found guilty under articles 206.3.2, 234.4.1 and 234.4.3 of the Code (smuggling; acquisition and possession of large quantities of drugs by a group of persons for the purpose of sale) and was sentenced to 13 years of imprisonment. Other features mentioned by the citizen in his application have not been confirmed.”

The State Border Service also denied what Mahsati Mammadova said: “The stated opinions do not reflect the truth.”

This institution also said that the General Prosecutor’s Office is investigating the matter.

Mehsati Mammadova says that if the law enforcement agencies do not take action, she will disclose the evidence she has to the public.

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