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Russia a significant process of migration of a part of its population is underway. For example, in recent days, tens of thousands of people have left Russia through the mountainous Upper Lars border crossing between North Ossetia and Georgia alone. Currently in Georgia There are more than 250 thousand Russians. Some of them later Turkey or Europe they will move to their countries. The other part in Georgia trying to settle down and do business.

Many move with their families. All because of the shortage of airline tickets Russia they cross the area in their cars. Due to tens of kilometers of traffic near the border, Russians throw away their cars or sell them and continue on foot.

Russia according to sources, 261,000 people left the country within a few days after the mobilization was announced, and this flow continues. That is, it is not yet known how many citizens Russia will lose in the coming weeks and months.

An interesting question arises: in Georgia, what awaits the majority of these people in Turkey, Greece and, if they agree to accept it, in Europe? It seems that very few people realize what will happen to them next. Thus, it turns out that for most of them this emigration is the last step – a step of despair. What will be the fate of these hundreds of thousands of Russian citizens who decided to leave their homeland? Where and under what conditions will most of them be able to wait for the regime change that they clearly hope to return to their homeland?

Russian independent expert currently living in Warsaw, social anthropologist Denis Sokolov shared his thoughts on these points with the Press Club:

– I don’t think most of these people know what will happen to them in the near future report they give They simply avoid mobilization. Because most of those who want to go and imagine how they can build their future abroad, at least partially, have already left. And now, those who did not go then for some reason, who did not have time, run away. For example, they could not go on time because they were preparing to sell real estate, or they hoped to find a job or organize a business outside of Russia. Here, those who could not go then, are going now.

Most, of course, simply avoid war, not knowing what to do outside their own country.

Therefore, this problem will appear as a humanitarian problem both for these people themselves and for the governments of the countries they fled to. I think that in the near future, discussions will begin on how to deal with Russians who have simply become refugees. Although there is no war in Russia itself yet, there is a version to equate them with the Ukrainians who are war refugees in Europe. Or, there will be some other similar constructions. But in any case it is a problem to be discussed and people are already thinking about it. i know that Europe In the Union, in the United States and in Canada, they are already thinking a lot about what to do with these people. Obviously, those of them who are IT professionals will be able to find jobs easily. There are even proposals to go to Canada. But those who cannot get their income by working remotely or who are not used to organizing in any new place will experience serious problems.

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