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The former head of Gubadli was detained in Poland

Gubadli district Execution The former head of the government Elkhan Nuriyev Azerbaijan He was detained based on his party’s request to Interpol.

According to the information of the General Prosecutor’s Office, he is suspected as an organizer in the commission of a number of particularly serious crimes that took place in 1993.

Gubadli District Prosecutor’s Office A crime 120.2 of the Code.10(Manslaughter) 29 ( A crime attempt to do), 120.2.11, 309.2 (exceeding the authority of duty) and other articles crime work started:Elkhan A search was announced against Nuriyev as an accused person with the mentioned articles. He was detained on the territory of the Republic of Poland on October 2.”

It was noted that currently E.Nuriyev Azerbaijan The General Prosecutor’s Office has sent a request to the relevant institutions for the purpose of extradition to the Republic.

E.Nuriyev or his lawyer could not comment on this statement yet. However, his relatives consider these accusations to be false.

Elkhan Nuriyev lived in Ukraine for a long time. According to his relatives, he Ukraine is a citizen, and although he went abroad many times, no problems arose.

E. Nuriyev in 1992-1993 (Abulfaz during the reign of Elchibey) Gubadli district Execution The head of government worked.

And before that, his Azerbaijan is said to be closely involved in the defense of its territory.

He left Azerbaijan after the armed disobedience against the government in Ganja and the change of government.

According to relatives, he Ukraine citizen, Ali Employee of the Legal Committee of the Rada, Ukraine He is the chairman of the Central Control Inspection Commission of the Union of Officers.

Recently, his interviews with Internet TV stations were often broadcast. In those interviews, he Russia he voiced continuous opinions against

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