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“Qarabag” won its next victory in the European League

Published: October 7, 2022 01:03

Azerbaijan defeated the champion “Olympiakos” with a big score

On football Azerbaijan UEFA champion “Karabakh” on October 6 Europe He played his next game in the group stage of the league.

“Kohlen Atlar” was a guest of “Olympiakos” team in Greece within the 3rd round.

“Qarabag” lost to “Freiburg” with a score of 1:2 in the game of group G held in Germany before the meeting with “Olympiacos”. France He sent “Nantes” away from Baku with a 3:0 defeat. Greece and his team lost both games it played in the group. That is, “Olympiakos” Europe The first point or points in the group stage of the league Azerbaijan he would try to win in the match with the champion.

Photo: “Karabakh”. social media account

The fate of the game, in which both teams created several episodes of dangerous goals in the first part, became clear after the break. Aghdam representative scored three unanswered goals, Greece returned from his trip with victory.

“Karabakh” Europe The next match in the league will be held on October 13, against “Olympiakos” in Baku.

In the other game of the group, “Nantes” faced “Freiburg”. The German club won this match – 2:0.

After three rounds in the group stage of the European League, “Qarabag” has settled on the 2nd place of the tournament table with 6 points. “Freiburg” with 9 points is leading the tournament table.

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