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Azerbaijan and Armenia foreign ministers during their meeting in Geneva on October 2 Armenia and Azerbaijan peace treaty between, “Baku and Khankendi, including the establishment of a discussion mechanism” and exchanged views on ensuring the rights and security of Karabakh Armenians. Turan news gives about it Armenia It is stated in the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“The mutual understanding of the opening of regional transport routes within the framework of the sovereignty and jurisdiction of the countries was positively assessed”, – it was noted in the press release.

It is of serious interest what exactly the conversation is about. It follows from Iravan’s message that Azerbaijan The authorities of Nagorno-Karabakh are considering the possibility of negotiations with the Armenian population. And with whom exactly will the negotiations be conducted? “PresidentAre we looking for Arutyunyan? Or with someone in his “government”? Who else can I talk to? There are no other persons authorized by the population. Well, maybe “parliamentwith the leadership of? And what should it look like technically? What will these people who represent the separatist government in the negotiations be called? Will they agree to be called “representatives of the Armenian community of Karabakh” in the negotiations? These people are almost every day in the Armenian press Azerbaijan considering that they have made statements that they have no faith in the possibility of peaceful living within Baku what should he convince them?

Farid Shafiyev, director of the International Relations Analysis Center, answered the Press Club’s questions:

– The statements of Armenians regarding Karabakh were calculated for the domestic audience and aimed at calming the people. Because the process is Armenia’s Karabakh Azerbaijan is moving towards recognition as a component. this is Azerbaijan it is in the package related to the recognition of territorial integrity. Therefore, they have recently been raising the issue of the rights of Karabakh Armenians – they are not talking about some status.

Simply put, To Azerbaijan Of course, the situation with Armenians in Karabakh must be resolved. President Ilham Aliyev said that they will not have a separate status, but all their rights will be ensured within the provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Foreign diplomats and experts often ask me what we mean by this. I answer that the Constitution of Azerbaijan provides a complete list of the rights of ethnic minorities. For example, the right to develop their language. It is known that the teaching of Russian and Georgian languages ​​is financed from the budget of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Of course, national many other opportunities for the development of identity and culture are also envisaged. Creation of theaters, schools, etc.

Of course, this issue is on the agenda, but we will consider it as an internal matter of the Republic of Azerbaijan. As the assistant of the president Hikmet Hajiyev said, everything will be resolved within the framework of internal dialogue. Of course, this dialogue is necessary.

It is also clear that Azerbaijan will not talk to the Armenians of Karabakh, who continue such radical ideas of independence of Karabakh and others. In general, such radical persons who oppose the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan will either have to leave the territory of Azerbaijan in the end, or their fate will end with imprisonment within the framework of certain legal processes.

In general, Europe states have experience in solving problems of coexistence. For example, Slovakia, where the Hungarian minority lives compactly. They do not have territorial autonomy and this does not cause any objection. There and a number Europe in their countries national minorities have no territorial status. Nevertheless, all matters are regulated quite successfully, and no problems are heard of.

Rauf Orujov

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