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The colonel who criticized the Ministry of Defense was arrested

Published: October 6, 2022 14:43

He is suffering from cancer

In recent months social Reserve Colonel Elnur Mammadov, who criticized the Ministry of Defense in Shabelles court in the hall imprisonment done. This is on October 6 Baku Military It happened in the court.

Elnur Mammadov of the Legal Department of the Ministry of Defense chief Elchin Aliyev sued. Elnur Mammadov, by filing a lawsuit under special charges A crime He demanded to be punished under Article 147.2 (defamation by accusing of a serious crime) of the Code.

Elnur Mammadov in his speeches Ministry of Defence food, nepotism, etc. in the system. he was talking about issues. He also accused Defense Minister Zakir Hasanov.

Ministry of Defence and denied his claims and issued an official statement about it:

Elnur Mammadov. Source: Telegram

“Colonel Elnur Mammadov, who was released to the reserve due to his long-term oncological disease and appealed to the head of the country on the YouTube media sharing network, thinking about his personal interests and ambitions, has already taken such steps several times. It seems that this case is left for storage military it has become a habit in the servant”.

Shortly after this announcement, the legal department of the ministry chief filed a lawsuit in court.
Elnur Mammadov pleaded not guilty and said that he was punished for his critical speeches.

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