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The government of Azerbaijan will pay compensation for the opposition

Europe The Human Rights Court (ECHR) announced two new decisions on Azerbaijan on October 6.

Lawyer Khaliq Agaliyevaccording to “Khural” newspaper and its editor Instead Zeynalli’s complaints were considered at the ECHR, but were not satisfied: Court considered the newspaper’s complaint accepted, editor-in-chief complaints are not accepted. He investigated the complaint, which he considered accepted, and decided that there was no interference with the newspaper’s right to freedom of expression.”

In that case complaint subject of “Khural” newspaper by the decision of local courts 10 was to be fined a thousand manats. Newspaper should also have published a rebuttal. One of the persons who is a high-ranking government official in the articles parliament it was alleged that he interfered in the elections. The aforementioned person sued the newspaper and its editor, claimed that the information was false, damaged his reputation, and asked for compensation. Local courts upheld the claim.

Another decision “Mustafa Hajili and others To Azerbaijan against” case. In this case, the six applicants who are members of the Public Chamber Baku three times mass in the city action they applied to hold, but were rejected every time. (The Public Chamber was established in 2011 and operated for several years. There Musavat, PFCP and other opposition parties had come together)

The ECtHR ruled that the applicants’ right to freedom of assembly (Article 11) had been interfered with in this case. According to the decision, the government will pay 4,500 euros in moral damages for each application. “This decision was issued on three applications: “Mustafa Hajibeyli, Hussein Malikov and Rafig Dashdamirov To Azerbaijan against”, “Tofig Yagublu and Rafiq Manafli To Azerbaijan against”, “Gulaga Aslanli against Azerbaijan”. The government will pay a total of 13,500 euros to six applicants for three applications.the lawyer said.

The decision provides for the payment of 1,500 euros per application for legal services. In addition, 55 euros in the case of T. Yagublu and 70 euros in the case of G. Aslanli should be paid for legal costs.

To decisions, for now, Azerbaijan It was not possible to get comments from government representatives and interested parties.

One of the applicants is the head of the “Khural” site Instead of Zeynalli he is currently in prison. It is in September of this year a bribe with the claim imprisonment was done. The journalist considers the claim to be false.

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Azerbaijan news

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