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The theologian’s prison term was extended for another 6 months


The appeal was dismissed

Theologian Sardar Babayev, accused of treason imprisonment even though it has been a year, the investigation on his case has not been concluded. Recently, Sabail District Court has reviewed the presentation regarding the period of the theologian’s detention during the investigation period, and the period was extended for another 6 months – until March 19.

Sardar Babayev’s lawyer Javad Javadov told Meydan TV that although an appeal was filed against the decision of the Sabail District Court, it was not satisfied.

“Regarding the arrest of Sardar Babayev complaint long time Europe It was sent to the Human Rights Court. Complaint registered”, attorney added.

Sardar Babayev, born in 1974, in February 2017 imprisonment been A crime 168-1.3.1 of the Code (violating the rights of people under the name of religious rituals) was sentenced to 3 years in prison.

At that time, it was claimed that Sardar Babayev was religious abroad education got it. Azerbaijan existing laws are his religionofficial does not allow him to manage.

The defense side stated that Sardar Babayev practiced religion abroad before that restrictive article was added to the legislation education got it.

Also, many people holding positions in the Administration of Caucasian Muslims are religious abroad education got it. Moreover, that restrictive article was relaxed in May 2017. Those who have received religious education abroad can also conduct religious ceremonies in the country after the approval of the Caucasus Muslims Administration.

Sabail District Court.

Source: Meydan TV

Sardar Babayev A crime Regarding conviction under Article 168-1.3.1 of the Code complaint too Europe It was sent to the court. European Court about it Azerbaijan sent a request to the government. Lawyer According to Javad Javadov, the communication phase of the said complaint is about to end.

Sardar Babayev has been in prison since October 19, 2021 on charges of treason. He cooperated with Iran’s special services, fulfilling their instructions Azerbaijan is accused of activities against

However, the theologian does not feel guilty and is imprisoned political considered motivated. According to family members, Sardar Babayev himself with Iran Azerbaijan considers himself a victim of the repression of strained relations between:

“He does not accept the accusations at all. For this reason, he refused to testify.”

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