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Erdogan said that he can meet with Assad

Turkey the president Recep Tayyip Erdogan President of Syria Bashar al-Assadsaid that he did not exclude the possibility of meeting

Since the start of the civil war in Syria in 2012, Ankara and Damascus have taken a bitterly hostile position.

Erdogan told reporters on November 23:

“A meeting with Assad can take place. There is no malice in politics. Sooner or later we can take some steps.”

Turkey the president did not provide additional information about when this meeting could take place. Erdogan President of Egypt Al-Sisi He did not say when his second meeting could be.

Turkey’s relations with Egypt and Syria 2010has worsened since the beginning of the years.

After Assad suppressed the protesters demanding democracy in Syria, Ankara began to actively support the Syrian opposition.

Erdogan has always sharply criticized the Egyptian president.

Relations between Ankara and Cairo The first democratically elected Islamist in Egypt the president Mohammed Morsi military corrupted after being overthrown by a coup.

According to “Hurriyet” newspaper, Erdogan’s meeting with Assad may take place before the 2023 elections in Turkey.

Hopes that Erdogan could meet with Assad grew stronger after his meeting with Al-Sisi in Qatar.

“Hurriyet” writes that before the Erdogan-Assad meeting, there will likely be a number of diplomatic contacts between the two countries.

Experts say that before the Assad-Erdogan meeting, meetings of foreign ministers or intelligence chiefs can be held.

Analysts also note that even if Erdogan’s meeting with Assad takes place, in all cases for the stabilization of the situation in Syria USA, IranIsrael, Russia and Jordan will need to participate in this process.

Experts do not rule out that the meeting between Erdogan and Assad can take place in any third country.

For example, Russia the president Vladimir Putin earlier, he took the initiative to organize a meeting between Erdogan and Assad.


Azerbaijan news

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