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Reaction from England! “Iran should never have nuclear weapons” |

Britain has reacted to Iran’s announcement that it has begun to enrich uranium at a high level. British Foreign Secretary James Cleverley social in a statement from his media account, “Iran further expands its nuclear program. This is further evidence of the regime’s threat to global security. A regime that brutally persecutes its own people within itself will be inevitable. We threaten our friends and allies abroad.Iran “It should never have nuclear weapons,” he said.

Iran Due to the lack of cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). IAEA In response to the decision taken by the Board of Directors against Iran, he announced that he has started enriching uranium at a high level. In a statement issued by the Atomic Energy Agency of Iran, it was stated that the enrichment of uranium to 60 percent purity has been started at the Fordo nuclear facility, and the amount of enriched uranium has been increased. (UAV)

Translation“24 HOURS”

Azerbaijan news

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