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Representatives of Ukraine and Russia met in Abu Dhabi

According to the Reuters agency, as a mediator in the negotiations held in November UN no, the UAE is performing

Russia and Ukraine representatives met in the United Arab Emirates last week to discuss the restoration of the Tolyatti-Odessa ammonia pipeline.

Reuters agency with reference to anonymous sources news gives Ukrainian captives from Russia in exchange for the restoration of the ammonia pipeline free is required.

Tolyatti-Odessa ammonia pipeline from “Tolyattiazot” plant of Ukraine 2.5 million liquids per year to the Black Sea port “Yuzhny” in Odessa region gas transports.

Ammonia is then used in the production of fertilizers. At current prices, this fertilizer is 2.4 per year billion dollars brings income.

The Financial Times newspaper writes that except for Russia, the restoration of the work of this pipeline UN wants too.

According to the Reuters agency, as a mediator in the negotiations held in November UN no, the UAE is performing.

Ukraine before the party’s request the president Volodymyr Zelensky had voiced.

He stated that Kyiv of Ukrainian captives in exchange for the restoration of transportation through the mentioned pipeline free wants to be.

Opening the belt Putin asked?

Yes RussiaYes Ukraine which they have military they did not provide information about the number of prisoners.

On October 29 Zelensky said that Moscow has returned 1031 prisoners so far.

It is also reported that Russia the number of captives is more on the side.

President of Russia on November 23 Vladimir Putin founder of Uralxim, the owner of the ammonia pipeline Dmitry Mazepinmet with

News it is reported that Mazepin asked Putin to open the ammonia pipeline.

The Russian side insists that the resumption of this pipeline is part of the previously reached grain agreement.

of Ukraine It is not only the captives who demand it

of Ukraine in Turkey ambassador Vasyl Bodnar He told Reuters that according to the agreement, Russia would release Ukrainian prisoners in exchange for the resumption of ammonia shipments. free should do.

This too news given that Zelensky In addition to the release of captives, in exchange for the restoration of ammonia transport, the blockade of the Nikolayev sea port is also required.

Reuters reports that although the parties did not deny the information about these negotiations, they did not disclose the details.

Before that, between Russia and Ukraine captive exchange talks were mediated by Saudi Arabia.


Azerbaijan news

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