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The Prime Minister, who won the elections in that country, listened to his meeting with President Erdogan while addressing the public. |

Anwar Ibrahim interrupted his speech Turkey after he said that President Erdoğan had called him, there was applause in the hall. President Thanking Erdogan, Enver Ibrahim said, “You are an inspiration and you have been by our side as a good brother in our difficult times. with Malaysia Turkey I look forward to developing our bilateral economic, trade and cultural relations between the two countries,” he said. he said.

King of Malaysia Sultan Abdullah Riayatuddin Al-Mustafa During Billah Shah’s visit to Turkey Erdogan and his wife Amina Erdogan expressed his satisfaction with the hospitality, Ibrahim said, “Furthermore, King Abdullah bilateral trade, military, education and cultural ties should be developed. I personally look forward to using your extensive experience, especially in the fight against terrorism, which remains a threat both internationally and domestically.” he said.

President Erdogan 2018Remembering the support he gave him when he was hospitalized in , Ibrahim said, “Mr the president, let’s go further. We signed contracts and memoranda. I think it is time to further develop these cooperations and our countries will get more benefits. of this support and commitment”. he said. Ibrahim said he was happy that President Erdogan congratulated him.

President Erdogan The coalition led by Anwar Ibrahimi won the elections and Prime Minister congratulated on his appointment. President Erdogan said:

“I hope that your efforts to form the list of your Cabinet of Ministers will be successful and that your government will take office as soon as possible. We have raised the exceptional relations between our countries located on both sides of the Islamic geography to the level of “Comprehensive Strategic Relations”. Partnership during your predecessor’s visit to Turkey in July”. King Sultan Abdullah’s visit to our country in August. On the other hand, we have crowned our excellent relationship. I am sure that our close cooperation on this basis will be further strengthened during your government. Mutual trust and the interests of our peoples. Our defense industry, trade in local currencies, finance, education, we have a great potential for cooperation in the fight against terrorism. Friend and brother Malaysia, Southeast Asia. It is an important partner in the geography of the Union of States. In this context, it is in our common interests to continue our cooperation and solidarity on international platforms.” (UAV)

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Azerbaijan news

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