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A surprising word from the doctor who secretly took pictures of student girls! “I used my professional position” |

Hirokazu Sato, a 34-year-old doctor who secretly filmed girls studying in middle and high schools in Osaka and Hyogo prefectures, where he went for a health check-up in Japan.child accused of violating the “pornography” law imprisonment was done.

Police according to the information obtained from the sources, Sato’s mobile phone and memory card, who was arrested and released on suspicion of rape at the underground market in Osaka in June of last year, were confiscated for investigation.

Sato’s in a detailed examination medical it was determined that 14 female students from different schools were secretly taking pictures.

Yesterday imprisonment In his first statement, the doctor admitted the accusations saying “I used my professional position”.

Other than that person works as a doctor school and detailed investigations have been started to determine whether he committed the same crime in the enterprises.


Translation“24 HOURS”

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