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Khamenei’s sister’s letter denouncing her brother has been published

of Iran higher leader Ayatollah Ali Khameneis sister condemned the government’s suppression of the widespread protests across the country and called on the Revolutionary Guard Corps, which has created fear among the masses, to lay down their weapons.

His letter about it in France socialized the living son.

A young woman who was taken to the police on September 16 for allegedly violating the hijab rule in Iran and was allegedly beaten to death there Mahsa AminiThe movement that started with the protest against the death of

Badri Hosseini Khamenei, who lives in Iran Iran higher is the sister of the leader.

“Khamenei’s despotic caliphate”

According to Reuters, the letter dated “December 2022” says that Badri Khamenei is the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Ruhullah KhomeiniFrom the time of his brother until his brother’s rule, he always spoke out against the religious system.

Badri Khamenei writes in the letter shared by his son Mahmud Muradkhani’s Twitter account:

“I think it is the right time to announce that I oppose my brother and I from the time of Khomeini Ali I express my condolences to all the mothers who shed tears over the crimes of the Islamic Republic until the era of Khamenei’s despotic caliphate.”

The letter further states:

Ali Khamenei’s revolutionary guards and mercenaries should lay down their weapons and join the people sooner rather than later.

The Revolutionary Guards call for “mercy”.

Iran The Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has supported and deployed pro-Iranian forces throughout the Middle East, as well as controls a vast business empire.

On December 6, the IKKC issued a statement calling on the country’s judiciary “not to show mercy to rioters, bandits and terrorists”.

Iran spokesman of the judiciary Worship of Massoud stated on December 6 that Basij member Ruhulla Ajamian5 people were sentenced to death for his death.

In November, after Farida Muradkhani, the daughter of Badri Khamenei, called on foreign powers to cut all ties with Iran. imprisonment done.

Videos posted by the 1500tasvir Twitter account with 385,000 followers show shops closed in Tehran, Isfahan, Elam, Kermanshah, Najafabad, Arak, Babol and Shiraz.

Security forces in these cities want to force shopkeepers to open their shops.

Chief performed

In the meantime the president Ibrahim Chief He gave a speech on the occasion of Student’s Day at Tehran University.


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