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Kremlin can meet Aliyev and Pashinyan again

If there is a certain agreement in this meeting, the public will be informed.”

Russia Azerbaijan and Armenia is ready to provide the necessary assistance for holding the meeting of its leaders in its territory”.

This on December 7 Russia Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov to local journalists said.

Russiawill certainly be ready to provide all the necessary assistance for holding such a meeting on its territory,” said Peskov.

Kremlin spokesman with Aliyev at the end of the year Pashinyan He did not rule out the possibility of a new meeting in Russia.

He also added that if there is a certain agreement in this meeting, then the public will be informed.

Dmitry Peskov, Photo: ID1974/shutterstock

Armenia Parliament Speaker Alen Simonyan also talked about the possibility of a meeting between the two heads of state before the end of 2022. spoke.

About it speaker he said in a conversation with journalists in the parliament on December 7.

“There is no information about where the meeting will be held, but we are not limited to the option of a meeting in Brussels. We are ready for any discussion. You know that there was a meeting of the Prime Minister’s deputies yesterday and an agreement was reached on the next meeting.”

Azerbaijan Officials have not released any statement about it.

On the initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin Ilham Aliyev and Nicole Pashinyan The last meeting was held in Sochi on October 31.

He made a statement after the meeting Putin said that Azerbaijan and Armenia the tripartite meeting with the leaders lasted more than 2 hours.

The Russian President said that the meeting was useful and that a good environment was created for possible future agreements.

“Today we agreed on a joint statement. It must be said frankly that not everything was agreed upon, some things had to be removed from the text, which was previously developed at the level of specialists.

Azerbaijan news

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