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Suspects of the coup attempt were detained in Germany

At least 25 people suspected of being members of the far-right Reichsberger movement, which does not recognize the existence of the Federal Republic, have been detained in Germany.

The information about this was released by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office of Germany on December 7.

Among those detained was a Russian woman news is given.

The statement of the prosecutor’s office says that the Reichsburgers planned an armed attack on the country’s constitutional authorities.

The German Ministry of Justice called the raid an “anti-terrorist operation”.

Searches were conducted in 130 objects in 11 lands of Germany. Another 27 people are considered suspects news is given.

“Citizens of the German Reich”

According to the information, the Reichsburgers bought various equipment, conducted shooting exercises and engaged in attracting new members to the organization.

It is also noted that the detained Russian woman was probably responsible for relations with supporters in Russia.

The Reichsbürger movement was formed in Germany in the 1980s.

It is said that there are more than 16 thousand people in its ranks.

Reichsburgers consider themselves “citizens of the German Reich”.

This name was also used by the German monarchy that existed until 1918, the Weimar Republic between 1919 and 1933, and Nazi Germany.

The Reichsbürgers created identity documents and driver’s licenses of a non-existent state.

Activists also claim that the German constitution, which existed before World War II, was never officially adopted cancellation not done, the Federal Republic of Germany, established in 1949, and established in 1990 unit Germany had no legal basis.

Henry XIII

According to the Die Zeit newspaper, among the conspirators there is a person from the ancient noble family of Reiss who calls himself Henry XIII. Representatives of this generation claim that Henry I of their dynasty married the granddaughter of Daniil Romanovich, who became the king of the Russian state in 1253 in the 13th century.

Newspaper writes that the representatives of the movement gathered in the hunting house of that aristocrat in Thuringia to discuss the coup plan.

The article says that the revolutionaries military its leader is retired paratrooper officer Rüdiger von P.

He surrounds himself with like-minded people, German special forces, including those currently active military gathered the officers in service.


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