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The Central Bank issued a 5-manat silver note – PHOTO |

central bank who has an exceptional role in the development of sports and the formation of modern youth in Azerbaijan Azerbaijan National Nominal value for circulation to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Olympic Committee 5 issued a silver jubilee banknote amounting to manat.

“Report” with reference to CBA news gives that the anniversary coin “Azerbaijan of the Republic National About the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Olympic Committee” Azerbaijan Based on the decree of the President of the Republic dated March 28, 2022, the issue limit 200 being the number National It was determined based on the order of the Olympic Committee.

The sale of these coins to the National Olympic Committee was ensured.

Jubilee Token Weight 1 troy ounce – 31.1 grams, diameter 38,61 is mm. The banknote was produced by the German “Bavarian Mint” company on the basis of “Pruf” technology according to international standards.

We inform you that on the front of the jubilee banknote as the main design elements “Azerbaijan The inscriptions National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan, “30”, “1992-2022”, the image of the Olympic torch and other sports symbols, and the words “Republic of Azerbaijan”, the image of the State Coat of Arms and the number of the denomination are reflected on the back.

Jubilee banknote is an official means of payment in the country with its nominal value.

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