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“There is no need for additional mobilization today” |

Published: 7 December 2022 21:59

“We are not crazy, we are not going to swing nuclear weapons like a razor”

Russia President Vladimir Putin currently does not see the need for additional mobilization.

He said this at the meeting of the Civil Society and Human Rights Council spoke.

“Talks about some additional mobilization measures simply do not make sense. Today, the state and Ministry of Defence there is no need for additional mobilization,” he said Putin said.

Russia According to the president, out of 300 thousand mobilized people, only 77 thousand are in war zones.

Referring to the statements made by Western leaders regarding the use of nuclear weapons Putin “We are not crazy, we know what a nuclear weapon is and we are not going to swing it like a razor,” he added. Russia knows that the nuclear arsenal is a natural deterrent:

“We have a strategy of using defensive means. It’s all based around what’s called hitting back – when we’re hit, we hit back. “Russia is not transferring its nuclear weapons to anyone, but if necessary, we will protect our allies with all the means at our disposal.”

He also added that Moscow USAUnlike other countries, it does not have its own tactical nuclear weapons.

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