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Azerbaijani policewoman who left Baku to protect New York: “My heart always beats with Azerbaijan”

USA37 000 the security of New York, one of the largest cities of the police protects The largest in the United States the police organization in New York Police Department (NYPD) is also the most advanced police organization in the world. It is gratifying that Azerbaijani policemen also work in the NYPD. We are interlocutors Nisa Hajiyeva and she is the first Azerbaijani female police officer working in the NYPD.

In the interview, he talked about the known and unknown aspects of being a police officer in New York.

– Let’s go back a bit, how did he come from Azerbaijan USADid you start operating in?

– I was born in 1986 in Baku. My father is Azerbaijani, my mother is Russian. Although my mother was born in a Russian family, she grew up in Baku since childhood. My story is a little different than others. My father and mother are deaf and dumb. I have a brother. He was born with down syndrome and is older than me. Baku I grew up in the city. After graduation Azerbaijan I was admitted to the University of Foreign Languages ​​with a high score. At the university education with the program when I bought it USAI came to One year in Colorado, USA education I bought it and tried it. Later I returned to Baku. After staying there for a while, I decided to return to the United States again. I continued my education at Brooklyn College in New York (City University of New York). Later I got married. Now we have four children, two girls and two boys. My eldest daughter is 11 years old and my youngest daughter is 5 years old. I started looking for a job a few years ago. I researched and decided to start working for New York, the largest police organization in the United States.

– How was the recruitment process? What stages did you go through to become a cop in New York?

– First of all, I should mention that my family has always supported me in all matters since childhood. My mother used to tell me that whatever you want to be, you should choose that profession yourself. We lived on Azadlig Avenue in Baku and our house was above the police station. When I sat on our balcony with my father, I always saw the policemen and witnessed how they treated the criminals they brought to the police station. I always thought that being a policeman was a tough job. Being a police officer as a woman makes the situation even more difficult. I have never seen a female police officer in Azerbaijan, but there are many female police officers in the United States, especially in New York. I brought my mother with me now, she lives with us. My father has already passed away and, unfortunately, he did not see my success.

As for the recruitment process, I can say that it is quite a difficult process. First they To Azerbaijan they sent a request and investigated my whole life from the day of my birth until today. I am a few to be admitted to the Police Academy exam I had to give. One of them is psychological exam and it was quite difficult. Sometimes they ask such questions that I was left in a dead end. However, I passed that exam successfully. Later, I successfully completed the written and physical exam. 20 after paying all conditions20I was admitted to the Police Academy in in that academy for 6 months education i bought 500 students studied at the academy at the same time as me. I was chosen among them and received the “Sharp Shooter” badge. I was the first to use a weapon. Frankly, I had not picked up a gun until that day, and I learned that I had such a talent when I was studying. I was just so excited. Because I had no experience in this field. So, most of the people who work in police stations come from the military and become policemen. This makes the situation easier. Now I have and I’m glad that the NYPD I work for has a great team. Everyone is very supportive of each other.

– Are there any Azerbaijani policemen in the NYPD besides you?

– Yes I have. I know 6-7 of them. A few of them even have a high rank. Given that we work in the largest police department in the world, it’s a bit difficult for us to find each other here. A few months ago Azerbaijan on the independence day of our country UNThe permanent representation in We got to know each other there. Everyone works in different departments. A large number of police officers from Turkey and Russia work in the New York police force. The number of Turks 10is greater than 0. Therefore, they created their own associations. They meet on different days, celebrate their country’s holidays, and gather together on historically significant days. I hope that our number will increase here and we will create our own association in the near future. Although there are few of us, in addition to preserving our identity, the local police Azerbaijan inform about. Especially when we start a new business, often everyone from me Azerbaijan tries to get information about and Azerbaijan they asked where he was. I also them national shows pictures of me in clothes and Azerbaijan I was talking about its rich nature and culture. They were quite interested in it. Sometimes I cook at home for work national I take it from our meals and share it with my coworkers. They already know how delicious and delicious the cuisine of Azerbaijan is. I miss Azerbaijan very much. 20 I lived there for years and Azerbaijan is everything for me. I try so that my children grow up with Azerbaijani traditions. On Nowruz holiday, we have a bonfire, I cook Azerbaijani food for them at home. Our people are very different. US society is quite different. People prefer solitude, there is no neighborhood culture. We can visit our neighbors in Azerbaijan whenever we want, and we can meet our friends whenever we want. But that’s not the case here. People complete their needs and loneliness with the animals they keep in their homes. It’s more of a lifestyle in New York, but the situation changes a bit when you move away from New York.

– What are your future plans?

– Although it is difficult, I love my job. Besides the stress, being useful to people and helping someone is the part of this profession that I enjoy the most. Although I serve in the United States, my heart always beats with Azerbaijan. I am always ready to be useful for my country. UNI witnessed an interesting event during the senior week of . Many of my police friends were assigned to protect the security of the leaders of the countries they came from. I will appreciate if there is an opportunity like this in the future.

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