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Expected offer came Russia Dmitry Peskov, assistant to the president, told the local press that Azerbaijan and Armenia they can organize a meeting of their leaders. Russiawill certainly be ready to provide all the necessary assistance to hold such a meeting in its territory”Peskov told reporters.

It should be noted that the quadrilateral meeting planned for December 7 in Brussels did not take place. Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan at the meeting President of France Emmanuel Macron’s participation is important. President Ilham Aliyev and Macron’s France political elite’s anti-Azerbaijan according to his position, he refused the meeting in this composition. As a result Europe A time-out was taken in the ongoing peace talks mediated by the Union.

On this eve USA and we see Russian activity. Philip Ricker, the envoy of the State Department on the Caucasus conflicts, visited Azerbaijan and Armenia for several days last week. His statements after the meeting with the parties were in an optimistic mood. Ricker stated that an important distance has been reached in the peace talks to reach an agreement, and there are no serious differences of opinion on the principle points.

Russia’s activity started after the tripartite meeting held in Sochi. Two days ago in Moscow the next meeting of the commission regarding the opening of communications was held. After the meeting attended by the deputy prime ministers, the parties to the conflict thanked Russia for the fruitful discussions.

Azerbaijan Foreign Minister Jeyhun Bayramov in Moscow met with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov. Lavrov said that Baku Russia’s proposal to sign a peace treaty between Iran and Yerevan has been around for a long time: “This offer was presented to the parties at the beginning of this year. In Prague, the parties agreed to sign a peace treaty based on the Alma Ata Declaration. The parties agree to this. And this eases the solution of the task related to the peace agreement”.

After this statement the president V. Putin’s assistant Azerbaijan and Armenia to their leaders Russia meeting in the area offer is the logical continuation of the process. Russia is trying to quickly restore the positions it lost to the West in the past year. In other words, he tries to make it accepted that he is the only optimal mediator in conflict resolution. For this reason, he made declarative changes in his traditional position regarding Karabakh. What is it about?

Firstly, 10 After signing the November statement, the Russian leadership declared that the status of Karabakh is the work of future leaders. That is, there is no need for a peace treaty at the moment. But now Lavrov says that we also support the parties signing a peace agreement based on the Alma Ata Declaration.

Second, Russia revived the Working Group on Borders and Communications and in Moscow meeting was held. This is a tripartite process that includes Moscow as part of the peace process. The West is capable of providing technical assistance in this matter, but it does not have the same real capabilities as Russia.

Third, Russia Azerbaijan makes some concessions to soften his insistence. For example, Azerbaijani ecologists and other state institutions Karabakh creation of conditions for monitoring in the area, then installation of scanners (mini-customs posts) from the Kremlin’s intention to announce the possibility of installation news gives

Peskov’s proposal for a meeting is aimed at preempting Washington’s alternative options for contacts that do not take place in Brussels. There are reports that Philip Riker has convinced both sides to hold a one-on-one meeting in Tbilisi before the end of the year Ilham Aliyev and Nicole Pashinyan they can come together in a neighboring country and demonstrate the continuation of Western mediation. And Russia will hold one-on-one meetings in Moscow, Sochi, etc. in the same format, that is, without Putin’s participation. wants to be held in one of the cities. That is, it takes away all the initiatives of Washington and Brussels, moreover, it creates the impression that there is movement in the resolution of the conflict.

But it is doubtful whether it will be a real process. Because Russia has not abandoned the Vardanyan plan in Karabakh. Russian viceroy, billionaire Ruben Vardanyan, who met with the local Armenian population in Askaran on December 5, actually challenged us:

“No deal Karabakh cannot solve the issue because there is a neighboring state that does not want us to live here. We must be strong, we must unite so that they cannot solve the issue in an unacceptable way for us. We must continue our struggle in all directions: diplomatically, military, political, information. We must be alert and ready.”

Vardanyan is the executor of Russia’s main interests in Karabakh. The leader of the separatists, Arayik Harutyunyan, is the bearer of the same mission. Moscow sent Vardanyan to Karabakh, and Arayik to France. The separatist criminal held meetings in Paris and wants to recognize the independence of Karabakh. Maybe, Baku are also aware of this trickery of Moscow and political there is no change in principles. As a whole, Azerbaijan should be interested in continuing the processes based on the options offered by the West.

It is appropriate to mention here the paradoxical moment that happened in Armenia last week.

According to the draft statement submitted to the parliament by the parties led by ex-presidents R. Kocharyan and S. Sarkisyan Armenia parliament of Karabakh Azerbaijan must accept a statement that it cannot be a component. The project stated that the right of nations to self-determination Karabakh is the only principle that will ensure the rights and security of Armenians.

led by Pashinyan judge the party rejected this project. Parliament the head of the foreign relations commission, Eduard Aghajanyan, said that the policy before the war was reflected in the draft statement. According to him, the “principle of self-determination” is inappropriate, because the politics of the past 30 years have led to the current situation.

There is no need to remind that the Armenian opposition speaks according to the dictates of the Kremlin…


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