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Author: Arif Aliyev

These two expressions, which used to be difficult for the language, do not fall from the languages ​​anymore: delimitation, demarcation. with Azerbaijan Armenia The delimitation and demarcation of the borders between the two countries is considered one of the most important steps towards a radical solution to the conflict between the two countries, and one of the important conditions for signing a peace agreement, even the first. But when saying this, do the politicians and the media imagine how long and complicated the process will be? Do you notice that, for example, we have been trying to define the borders between us with Georgia for 30 years on the map (delimitation) and mark them in place (demarcation), however, one third of the work is still ahead. Although our countries find a common denominator in any land dispute with Armenia Azerbaijan is incomparably easier than reaching an agreement.

To speed up the delimitation process European Union will provide methodological assistance, Russia and the large-scale necessary to make the division straight military says he can provide maps. Thank God, but this does not guarantee that many border disputes will be resolved in a short time. If improved methodology is the solution to the problem, why? European Union France and does not end the years-long border dispute over a small cave on the top of Mont Blanc in Italy? Or Croatia and Slovenia, Greece Turkey Does not end the quarrels between not only the land, the rocks? But that’s right military Why do not maps help Russia in the delimitation of borders in the Arctic and Kuril Islands?

Because the main difficulty is not in the methodology and maps, but in terms of justice, security, rationality and eliminating the mistakes of our recent past when determining the location of the border posts, the two countries have to come to an agreement. As soon as the work begins, we will face dozens of issues that need to be investigated in detail.

with Azerbaijan Armenia since they appeared on the world map as independent states, the complex of contradictions in the relations of these two countries has caused the borders between them to be slippery, so to speak. First during the AKP rule, then in the first decades of the Soviet empire Azerbaijan under various pressures, he gave up a number of territories from Gazakh to Nakhchivan in favor of Armenia. The claims of the neighbors did not end there. In the 1940s, 50s, 60s, it was raised again with short breaks.

In 1969 To Azerbaijan who said that Armenians were facing territorial claims from the first days of his leadership Heydar Aliyev remembered the situation at that time like this:

“Some lands in the border regions with Azerbaijan Armenia he wanted to join himself. They brought out old maps from the 28th or 29th. Negotiations continued for two or three years. These negotiations with Vali Akhundov Mohammed Iskanderov, Anvar Alikhanov and second secretary Yelistratov were leading. Unfortunately, as a result of negotiations in May 1969 Azerbaijan Ali The Soviet issued a decision that those border areas really belong to Armenia and should be given to it. I know how such an unfair decision was made at that time… But I want to say that Veli Akhundov, of course, did not want those lands to be given. However, pressure from above, i.e. from Moscow, oppression from the right and the left led to such a decision. In July To Azerbaijan I learned about the issues within a month after being appointed as the head, and as a result, I refused to implement such a decision. They still tried very hard to solve the issue for their own benefit, I didn’t allow it… They didn’t say it openly, but they told me through the management staff that we needed to clarify the maps of Azerbaijan and Armenia, because 20In the years certain mistakes were made. I answered everyone that our borders are clear and defined and there is no need to change anything.”

But this did not mean an end to Armenian territorial claims. Border conflicts also occurred in the 1970s and 80s, and it was not always possible to pass them without losses.

Karabakh one of the last such cases before the war happened in 1983. This is 1675 hectares of Kamarli village of Gazakh district Forest was related to the covered plot of land.

The population of Kemarli village, bordering Doveg village of Noyemberyan district (now Tavush province) of the Armenian SSR, mass protested against land being taken from them and given to their neighbors. protest stated. On the instructions of Moscow on October 24, 1984 to Kemarli Azerbaijan A commission consisting of Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the SSR Rasizadeh, First Secretary of the Party Committee of the Gazakh District Suleymanov, First Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Armenian SSR Movsesyan, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Noyemberyan District Committee and four other members was sent. The enraged population ran over the cars of the commission members at the place called Batagli bulak and brought them to the village by force. Here they drew up and made them sign a deed stating that the land belongs to Kemarli and will not be given to anyone. Only then did they let go.

This event was rare in the USSR. In order to extinguish the protests, normalize the situation, and bring the culprits to justice, high-ranking party representatives from Moscow and Baku, as well as senior staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and State Security Service, were sent to Gazakh district. The Prosecutor General’s Office of the USSR headed by Astashi, the Prosecutor General of the Investigation Department, and the Prosecutor’s Office of both republicsflour an investigation team was organized, including its employees. The references prepared by the party and law enforcement agencies did not reflect the essence of the issue and obscured the real cause of the conflict.

On November 12, 1984, at the meeting of the Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Azerbaijan, the issue of “Conflict in the village of Kamarli of the Kazakh region” was discussed, and based on Moscow’s instructions, Armenia’s territorial claim was secured. Some residents were punished and the problem was put to an end.

Finally, in the late 1980s, land disputes escalated into the bloodiest war in our shared history. At the end of it, a new claim arose. Now Azerbaijan no longer demands its seven regions from Armenia, Armenia complaint states that in May 2021 and September 2022, Azerbaijan will transfer the 50 sq. km territory of this country took it from his hand, so it should withdraw its borders. A large number of such disputes and mutual claims have been accumulated. At the delimitation stage, each of them will come to the table, and it will take time and discussions to resolve. In some cases, neither the methodology of the Europeans nor the maps of the Russians will come to the black, other factors will play a decisive role.

Of course, delimitation and demarcation are processes that must be implemented in terms of the stability of relations between neighboring countries. However, it is not necessary to wait for their completion in order to create peace, mutual recognition of territorial integrity and establish diplomatic relations. Defining such a condition means postponing the signing of a peace treaty for decades. Logically, it is the opposite: delimitation and demarcation can only be successfully implemented in peaceful conditions.

Peace has no borders.

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